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My name is Vitaliy Kardash. I am PokerBroz founder.
In the past, poker player and moderator at Pokerstrategy and the first coach at Ru.Tradimo.com
I created PokerBroz so that you would earn a lot of money in a downward poker trend and at the same time be able to grow steadily.

All is simple.

You get access to closed poker reservations, in which there are a lot of fishes. Without voodoo magic: register - play - go in plus. All technical, financial and guarantee issues are solve by us.

PokerBroz project goal - is to systematically generate profit for the player, i.e. for you.

Свяжись со мной лично и я расскажу подробнее


April 11, 2019

In the last couple of years, PartyPoker has become a paradise for poker bots. Probably almost every player has encountered bots in any given discipline: cash-games, MTTs and Spins. Stronger


July 22, 2019

We’ve already warned our readers about the dangers of the PPPoker app, like when we informed you of the “NYPokerKing” scandal several months ago. Now there’s another disheartening situation brewing: V-Pokere.ru,


June 15, 2018

Good Game Network is a young Asian poker network that has been developing very fast recently. Through some of its shopwindows, Good Game has also entered the European poker market