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On this page there will be no dilly dallies, selling texts and promises to earn $999,997. I'll just tell you why closed poker rooms bring twice as much money as any other poker rooms
help in everything
online poker is at its peak. Everyone makes money at Pokerstars, even people with IQs below body temperature. Thus, $50k per month is like taking candy from a baby.
the global financial crisis struck and cash-rich fishes fell off.
poker is gaining momentum again, and high-paying fishes are back in the rotation.
surprise from the FBI – Black Friday. The game was banned in the United States, which has been a poker donor for ages.
poker is out of breath but shows some uncertain signs of life. The overall trend shows negative growth. Regulars start to look for a nine-to-five job.
a pleasant bombshell. The poker market has come alive again owing to cryptocurrency. China has breathed life into poker. It launched game apps through agents and funny money (Pokermaster, etc.)
America is back in the game and it gives massive cash injections to the industry through cryptocurrency and PPPoker. The negative growth has stopped, and you can make jack! Too much to scoop!
to be continued…

Since 2015, the field has strengthened.

Yes, Pokerstars is getting tough on the regulars – raise rake, reduce rakeback, and clamp sanctions.

Yes, you have to see how the cat jumps and look for a game in closed areas.

A couple of years ago I wrote that successful regulars kept away from my site. Now every regular visit an affiliate site in search of the best offers. Even high-rollers break the mold and adapt.

Adapt very good.

Some of them even knock out up to $120K PER MONTH.

Who am I to tell you
where to play?

As well as you, I preferred the hard fate of a poker player. There were ups and downs, a swing from “I’m a poker god” to “I’m a poker fuck”, searching for fish sites and affiliates. The worst part was that I could not concentrate on the game.

It was horrible that there were no normal exits on the reservation, everything was done through some muddy agents. If affiliate did not answer a couple of days, then I no longer believed that he would get in touch and I would get my money back.

The standard scheme – fu%$ed my time and money, by playing at my own percussion through an unknown guy and lost everything.

О нас

After 4 years of stupidity I began to play in the Italian reservations and found a man who I trust as myself.

Profit grew several times. In parallel, the people began asking me, how to get on Italian rooms. Of course I was greedy and didn’t want to showoff my chips and strengthen the field. But poker player is a person who will always find ways, with me or without me. He will get the bumps, lose the money, but will reach the goal. Therefore, I decided to help colleagues find high-quality and profitable sites. Very soon it grew into my main activity.

About Us

You know, I would have given a lot if in 2010 someone had told me where to play and advised a good affa.

I would simply avoid a few nasty years of circumcision fapping and total self-flagellation. Therefore, read carefully.

Better and more God himself will not advise.

Why exactly Italian/Canadian/Turkish and other “shit-rooms”?

Poker reservations are profitable due to the large accumulation of fish – weak players.

Weak, because they are on a reservation – there is simply no serious competition which is the natural environment.

Basically, you are playing against the army of Italian housewives, or against the Canadian nursing home, or Chinese wealthy gamblers, who have learned how to play ABC poker for a couple of days and who have been busted from the casino or sports bets pages.

This means fast and, relatively, easy money.

Even though there are good conditions in closed rooms, there are few regulars here – those who raise 10k per month feels comfortably on large sites, someone does not like the software, someone does not want to bother with VPN. So here there still is a lot of fish.

For me, now is the time to play in closed rooms.

Look by yourself, the monopolist in the market – Pokerstars – twists the nuts to regulars: raises rake, reduces rakeback, and the field only worsens. Already there is practically no difference in the rake load – play on Stars in near-zero game with regulars and WITHOUT rakeback, or on Italian rooms with fish, profit and payments from an affiliate.

About Us

Here is a real-life image. In the summer of 2018, we backed the dude at a popular venue where all regulars always play. The guy played a zero score. We pushed him in the closed poker room – in the first month he made a $5,000 bank on the NL25-NL100.

About Us

Есть вопросы?
Пиши мне, я порешаю.

Game on the closed rooms and giants rooms differs

If you are looking for a beautiful design, pseudo-bonuses, or just the fact of playing with cool peppers at the same table not thinking about your profit - better close this page right now. I'm serious.

We are talking here about how to raise money.
cons of closed rooms

Yes, after playing pokerstars, Italian rooms seem primitive.

But does this make it difficult to make money there? - No.

Scary to play on unknown room

Scary if the affiliate is unreliable.

Therefore, google reviews on the Internet and ask for advice from those who already work with it.
As for us, the support of PokerBroz is always in touch.

Even if its night outside. Even if on Christmas. Even if we had party yesterday.

Few tables

How many tables do you usually play,

This amount of game can be always found in closed rooms.

And if you get into the details, you can determine the hours when playing on the field is at the zenith, and
adjust to them.

and what are - the pros?
Fish players

In every offline European bet club (sports betting, casino), there are computers with
access to online poker so that players can pause and relax in breaks,
i.e. to spend money for fun.

They will throw off their money "ballast" anyway, the question is whether to you or to
someone else.

Opportunity to study the opponents

On a small poker room plays a limited number of
PRO. You can quite disassemble the game of each of them,
find weak points and put pressure on them.


Yes, PokerBroz is a full bonus game on reservations. It is important for us to give you the opportunity to actually earn and provide comfortable and safe access to closed poker networks. For these purposes, we adjust all the work.

For example, we receive money in crypto, via applepay, circle pay, paypal and other cards that do not work in the CIS countries.
We have to figure out how to convert all this into Skrill, massively. But these are our
problems, and you just enjoy the service.

No queue for tables

Choose a promising fish, sit down at the table and
make money.

Rakeback add-on

For near-zero players, rakeback is the main income (on
everage 2000 $), for successful ones - an additional piece
of cake, which is always good during downstrakes.

PRO missing

Talking about the absolute absence of strong players is nonsense.

But compared
with the kings of the market it is empty in the closed reservations, like on Mars.

People just are too lazy to lift off their golden butt from the couch to get a coin that has rolled under.

I recommend
to test the grounds by yourself
Write to Anthony in Skype and he'll rapidly create a new account for you.
read carefully
* By the way, it is high time to play in closed rooms.
  • poker is banned in countries with a robust economy. Fishes literally tear out the opportunity to play online poker with their teeth and break the system in every way: in China, they play in poker chips, in the USA they create semi-legal clubs, apps and cryptocurrency appeared, the financial flows of which cannot be tracked.
  • owing to cryptocurrency, the poker market comes alive again – it gives massive cash injections into the industry.
  • rooms are interested in regulars playing against fishes. If fishes poke each other, the room will not earn money on a rake – they will waste bankroll very quickly. Regulars open many tables and generate rake. All benefit = Profit.
  • safe game through the affiliate. We strictly select partners and test the rooms before introducing them to the “masses”
We have several exclusive deals , allowing tripling your income:
PokerBroz choice
A couple of words why
it's worth working with me
and how my service differs from others:
  • playgrounds where you can make good money and raise your limits
  • relevant rakeback increases
  • regular payments and guarantee of safety of funds
  • reliable partner and friends
  • attentive attitude and all bonuses, even if you play microlimits
  • confidence that they respond to your requests and solve problems with rocket speed
  • competent consultation on rooms and technical assistance
  • quick payouts
  • attention only to the game and your level raise, all other issues are solved by our affiliate

Not that all the other fu@$%rs, and I'm the Captain America, but but I guarantee the safety of your deposit on Italian poker rooms. And solemnly I commit myself to gnawing at everyone who wants to steal the honestly earned.

If you have comments and suggestions for our work, contact me directly via SKYPE.

As they say, do not hesitate!

Dream Team
support manager and a problem solver on everything

Anthony is the COO of the company, but we don’t like pathos labels, therefore it’s simple: Anthony is the soul of the PokerBroz.

He gets things done online 24/7/365 and he is in charge of those who play on behalf of us. Antokha texts all the time to the players from his car, in the hall, in the bathroom, on the road, in joy and sorrow, in the upstricks and downstricks, in general, always. Apparently, he knows a life hack, where to find the 25th hour in a day. Contact Anton via Skype or Telegram – AntonioSupport on any poker issue.

the big guy on: PPPoker, Upoker and China

Kirill is support PRO.

We pulled him out from Pokerstrategy, where he helped forum members more than 40,000 times. It’s scary to imagine how many keyboards he erased typing all these messages. And this is in parallel with open poker tables = / Kirill is responsible for the Chinese poker rooms and he can be contacted via Skype live:kirill.vpokere or Telegram Kirill Support on any poker issue.

a double agent

Andrew is an undercover agent.

We practically have a monopoly on some rooms and Andrei professionally serves players of other affiliates under a false name. He can’t even talk about it to friends, wife, and kids. He is a true “A” player.

We can’t leave his contacts for the same reason.

PokerBroz founder

Without further ado - real facts and contacts:

The main vector of the PokerBroz work is service. I would call us a service company, but it just happened that we are engaged in poker.
We get dozens of reviews with recommendations and wishes, starting from a simple “thank you” to a serious, structured “likes.” Thus, a huge thanks to you and + EV to karma.

$150 000 for July

Moreover, we are sentimentally proud of the profits of our folks:

To start working through PokerBroz,

Just contact Anthony via Skype

He will create an account for you on one of the sites.

Just contact Anthony via Skype
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