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Best Poker Bonuses

Every gambler greets an online poker bonus with a content smile on his face and bigger anticipation for a win. If you are a poker lover you must be familiar with poker bonuses. The latter serves as an incentive to attract new players. People get registered to play all those beneficial tournaments acquiring bonuses like a huge help to start with. And if you have any questions or doubt there can be pitfalls, this article will be highly useful to you.

Understanding Online Poker Bonuses

An online poker bonus is a pleasant way for a casino site to attract and welcome new players, as well as grant loyal gamblers. The bonus money can usually be only gambled at unless you play the mandatory number of hands. Only then the bonus money is transferred to your casino account and can be withdrawn.

Actually, the best online poker bonuses come with some advantages players can’t but take for granted. These include experimenting with a new poker site, gaining financial privilege, and getting closer access to the VIP section of the casino site. Winning bonus, a player gets some free money to amass and improve both the income and the rating on the casino site. However, to become eligible for the bonus money, the player has to win games on the website. Additionally, different websites have differently stipulated time periods the bonus amount should be achieved in. If the gambler doesn’t coincide with the rules and doesn’t manage to play the set number of hands, losing the bonus amount is unavoidable.

Accordingly, take online poker bonuses like an extra stimulation to win real cash and approach it seriously. If the specific instructions of a casino are adhered to, you will amass quite a large sum of bonus money!

Getting Your Online Poker Bonuses

How to gain poker bonuses depends on the bonus type and the casino site. And what is the most beneficial bonus out there is a thoroughly individual matter. Based on your playing frequency, money deposited, and the size of bonuses a casino website offers, you are free to pick up the one that best matches your preferences.

Poker Bonus Types

Poker bonuses are various depending on the casino site, and the current offers/promotions. The most common types, however, are a follows:

  • Sign-up BonusThese bonuses are created for new players. Once you sign up in a casino site, you get a reward via quite an attractive poker welcome bonus.
  • No Deposit BonusQuite often online casino sites offer bonuses without requiring any deposit making. Such a bonus is typically known as a no deposit poker bonus. Most signup bonuses fall into this category of bonuses.
  • First Deposit BonusThese bonuses are given upon making the first deposit and mostly have some wagering requirements. Such a bonus is usually paired with a poker sign-up bonus.
  • Match BonusMatch bonuses include a casino’s matching all or only a portion of a player’s deposit. The percentage here differs and is determined by the casino. Some poker sites to play at, offer as high as up to 200% match bonuses (for large deposits)!
  • Reload BonusIf a match bonus is for new players, a reload bonus is for existing ones. Whenever a player deposits money they receive a deposit matching bonus
  • Referral BonusNowadays some casinos offer a referral or refer-a-friend bonuses to those players who attract new ones. A referral bonus is a kind of reward for bringing new players to the casino site and having them registered.
  • Promo Codes and PromotionsAnother common type of poker bonus is the promo code. Having a bonus code and entering it on the site’s promotions section, you claim it. And casino sites, too, constantly have active promotions to choose from.

Now when you are already familiar with all major types of bonuses you can find in poker rooms, it’s time you pick the bonus type that best suits your playing style and use it. Remember that everything is individual and the best bonus for you might be different than someone else’s best bonus. Before you choose, consider the following points:

  • Do you have extra money to pay and redeem the bonus?
  • What matching percentage does the casino site offer?
  • What’s the maximal deposit or bonus size that you can get from the casino?
  • What wagering requirements are there to be completed before you can release the bonus?
  • What expiry date does the bonus have?

How You Can Use Your Poker Bonus

If some bonuses are quite straightforward to redeem, others might come with some drawbacks to navigate. However, most of them conform to identical steps. To collect a poker bonus, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the casino website
  2. Go to your account section or the bonus section of the casino
  3. Choose the preferred bonus and make certain you’ve activated it
  4. Implement all the requirements to release it

If you are concerned with those “requirements”, they are based on the same rules in all casinos. And the basic requirement is the “playthrough”. Casinos demand from players to wager some multiple of the bonus money to release the funds. Initially, they are in sort of limbo and can’t be withdrawn. Let’s understand it by an example. Suppose, the casino site you’re gambling at requires a 5x playthrough for a $100-worth bonus. This means you will have to wager $500 in total before you receive the bonus on your account as money to withdraw.

Anyway, quite many casinos grant their players with instant bonuses which hit their account on the spot, without any need for a playthrough.

On the other hand, casinos offering huge bonuses, release them in portions at established milestones. Otherwise, it would take months to clear them.

Another point to be careful with is the time limit. Most bonuses have time limits and if you don’t manage to complete the wagering requirements, such bonuses expire. This means the first thing you should consider before making your deposit and claiming the bonus is the playthrough requirements vs timeframe. If the latter is short while the bonus amount attracts with its size, think twice before claiming it.

Most Reliable Poker Rooms to Play with Bonuses

These days there are a huge number of poker rooms to spend your evening gambling. You can play with your bonuses and gain much profit if you’re lucky. Most remarkable poker rooms organize poker freerolls where any ordinary poker player who considers himself a good gambler can try to hit the jackpot! So, to ensure you are playing at a top-rated poker site where your funds are secure and bonuses especially beneficial, have a look at our list.

  • 888Poker – This is one of the most popular destinations to gamble your bonus. It’s known for its large group of players at different skill levels. The site offers as large bonuses as up to 200% or $1000.
  • Black Chip Poker – This is another excellent casino site that offers amazing bonuses. You see, here you can claim at a 100% matching bonus. The poker playroom gives its players thousands of prizes every week and suggests participating in online tournaments.
  • PokerStars – Operating since 2001, PokerStars has been the leading venue for poker lovers. It’s available in both mobile and downloaded versions. The welcome or sign up bonus here is a 100% matching one. You can also play a no deposit poker game here.
  • BetOnline Poker – To get an impressive bonus and trigger it at BetOnline Poker casino site, you can use different promo codes. One worth $2500, for instance, is offered at The deposit options in this casino are great!

FAQ about Poker Bonuses

Before you hurry to search down the Internet and find answers to your questions, have a look at our FAQ. Most likely, you will find the information bothering you here:

Q: Are poker bonuses only for new players?
A: Reload bonuses, which are much like first-time match bonuses, are designed especially for existing players. Such a bonus may have not so high percentages, but still, it can add some extra money to your wallet.

Q: How to find out if the poker bonus code is active?
A: To learn whether the bonus code you’ve found is active or not, simply go to the casino’s website. Access the bonuses and promotions section and enter the code. If it has been expired, the bonus will simply not be added to your pending bonuses.

Q: Shall I take the biggest bonus when I’m offered it?
A: At first sight, it makes sense to make the largest deposit you can in order to claim the biggest deposit bonus. However, you’d better deposit as much as you will feel comfortable in case of losing it. Otherwise, the round of poker you play will be tenser and less enjoyable.

Final Words

Having such extras as bonuses when playing online poker at a casino site, you get a huge advantage over other players. It gives you a real stimulus to win the game and withdraw the bonus along with the money earned, raise your rating in the casino to make use of certain promotions. Now you know what bonuses you can expect to find and how to make the most of them.