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Equilab: Key Features of the Poker Equity CalculatorEvaluate the soft and traffic in your working time

Equilab: Key Features of the Poker Equity Calculator

Equilab Key Features

Equilab is one of the most popular and reliable equity poker calculators available on the Web. Using this program, you can more accurately calculate your chances of hitting the pot in various game situations. Equilab allows analyzing equity against a specific hand or a range of hands. Moreover, owing to various filters, you have a perfect chance to check out your equity in a particular gaming scenario.

Therefore, analyzing equity figures properly allows deducing your success in any situation at the poker table. The program is easy to use and to navigate. The intuitive interface and simple design allow mastering Equilab with maximum ease and speed.

Moreover, the Equilab mac app helps to calculate your equity on the go.

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How to use Equilab?

Equity in poker is the bank share, which hypothetically belongs to the player, depending on his/her chance to hit the jackpot. In simple words, equity in poker means whether you have chances to win in a particular situation. Therefore, the correct calculation of equity percentage is a key point in the analysis of any hand or range of hands. We have already made sure that Equilab perfectly copes with this task.

The developer of poker Equilab software,, has included all the necessary tools for equity analysis in the lobby. That is, understanding equity correctly will prevent you from making additional bets in a purposely losing situation.

Please note that this program cannot be used during the poker game itself, as you simply will not have enough time to play and use Equilab simultaneously.

But the bottom line is that Equilab does not need to be used during the game itself. Experienced regulars use it to analyze hands after the game to check the actual probability of winning.

Where to download Equilab?

Equilab has been developed by PokerStrategy experts. Equilab app can be downloaded for free from the official site of or our site.

Equilab takes up little disk space and can be installed within 30 seconds.

Equilab Interface Overview

Getting started with Equilab is trouble-free. The main program window allows calculating equity using various filters. To do this, enter the hand range of at least two players. After setting the necessary filters, click the “Evaluate” button.

The equity percentage is displayed next to each player’s hand.

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It is easy to use the Equilab interface. Four categories are available in the main menu. These are File, View, Tools, and Help. In the File category, you can save or load the desired file.

Let’s go through the rest of the Equilab menu items.


In the View menu, you can choose which parameters to add or remove in the main window of the Equilab poker app. The following options are available:

  • Short-handed;
  • Dead cards;
  • Results.
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If you don’t need certain parameters to analyze the hand range, you can turn them off at any time.


There are four subcategories in the Equilab Tools menu. Let’s briefly describe each of them.

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Scenario Analyzer

Here you can calculate the potential outcome of your equity postflop. This tool analyzes all probable cards that you can get on turn or river, and gives out a potential equity percentage. In the “Scenario Analyzer” menu, select your hand and the opponent’s hand, as well as flop cards. Moreover, you can filter by cards of a certain suit by clicking them in the upper right part of the chart.

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After you have entered all the necessary data, click “Analyze turn cards.” As a result, you will see equity for each of the cards that may come on the turn. If you want to get river equity results, add a turn card and select “Analyze river cards.”

Equity Trainer

This tool will help to improve your equity skills by participating in various quizzes. You can also create different hand ranges as you wish.

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When you are ready, click “Start Training”. Enter the equity value in the “Estimated equity” field, based on the layout of your hands, the range of your opponent’s hands and flop cards.

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When you have entered equity, compare it with the result by clicking the “Result” button. When you want to finish the current training session, click the “Final Results” button. You will get a complete overview of your training.

Hand range calculator

This Power Equilab equity calculator will help you to estimate the hand range with minimal equity quickly.

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Hand history

This tool displays the entire history of hand equity analysis that you have performed while using Equilab.

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If you have questions about using Equilab, you can go to the Help section of the program menu and switch to the Support forum.

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You will be automatically redirected to the Support forum page on There you will find plenty of various threads with discussions.

You can search for answers in existing threads or create a new one.

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Equity Calculation Methods

The ability to instinctively calculate hand equity is an important skill for a successful poker player. There are two ways to calculate equity: Enumerate All and Monte Carlo. The first method is perfect for simple calculations when only two players are involved. The second one is for three or more players.

  • Enumerate All method carefully analyzes each given situation at the table. The program makes up the following proportion for the most correct calculation: the total number of hands against the won hands.
  • Monte Carlo uses the method of large numbers. By generating a large number of random variants, the calculation of hand equity is approaching the correct one. If there are more than three players at the table, it will take too much time to calculate all likely results.

Therefore, in Monte Carlo, a certain sample is taken as the basis for equity calculation. The error, in this case, is very small and does not affect the correct assessment of chances.

To achieve real poker results, we recommend making friends with Equilab.

Install it and practice it daily on your PC or use Equilab for mac to know equity from any place you wish. Select different hands and analyze the equity results.


Equilab poker software allows calculating the probability of winning in certain situations. Do not forget that in 99% of games you will not be able to use Equilab during the game itself.

It is best to use this tool to evaluate your hands after the game to understand whether you correctly assessed the situation during the game. You can download the program for free on the software developer website or

After spending only a couple of hours to understand how Equilab works, it is desirable to continue using Equilab to sharpen your poker skills and increase your income from the game.