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Flopzilla: What Are The Main Features And Options of FlopzillaEvaluate the soft and traffic in your working time

Flopzilla: What Are The Main Features And Options of Flopzilla

Flopzilla Key Features

Flopzilla is an excellent tool for both novice players and experienced regulars for the most accurate analysis of a hand range. Using this poker calculator, you can quickly and accurately evaluate how strong your hand is against a given board in a particular situation.

Of course, Flopzilla is another useful poker skill improvement application to play in plus in most cases. Moreover, you can use the Flopzilla mac app to practice your poker skills on the go, which is a very convenient option of the reviewed software.

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The program is very easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface and simple design. You just need to indicate your own cards and board cards. As a result, you will get the probability of a certain hand.

The only drawback of Flopzilla is that the program is available only in English. From the other hand, it will motivate you to master English.

Flopzilla Cost

There are two ways to use Flopzilla. You can purchase the licensed software on the official website or download a free trial version.

Below we will tell about it in detail.

How to Purchase Flopzilla

A paid Flopzilla subscription will only cost you twenty-five US dollars. To do this, you need to click this link to purchase the program. This is a one-time, not a monthly payment.

That is, you pay only once and you will receive lifetime free updates of this cool poker software.

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Flopzilla poker calculator software is constantly updated. It also concerns Flopzilla for mac.

Each new version of the program includes a couple of new useful features. Please note that in order to transfer Flopzilla to another computer, you just need to write to a support manager at in English.

Another great advantage of the software is that you can install this poker calculator on two computers for a one-time payment of $25.

Please take into consideration is that there may be additional taxes depending on your country. The official Flopzilla license allows registering the program under such conditions. In this case, you must be the owner of both computers, as it is forbidden to share licenses with other players.

You can buy Flopzilla using the following payment systems:

  • Skrill;
  • PayPal;
  • Neteller;
  • Credit card/iDeal/Bank wire transfer.

After purchasing the software you will be added to the Flopzilla database. You can immediately register the current Flopzilla version, as well as update it to the latest version at any time in the future. You will no longer be charged any annual subscription fees, administrative fees, or anything similar.

Just think about it once again: a one-time payment of $ 25. Even people who signed up in 2009 when Flopzilla was initially launched still get free updates. This is a huge benefit of the software.

How to Download Free Trial?

Flopzilla download is very easy and quick. The developers of the program have provided a free seven-day trial period. Although the functionality of the free subscription is quite limited (there is no function for calculating the river and the turn, for example), in the process of testing this soft, you will be able to understand how convenient it is for you to use the program and whether you will desire to purchase it in the future.

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Many players use the so-called Flopzilla eternal trial, even with limited functionality. Although $25 is not such a big amount to limit yourself in getting a serious advantage in poker and pocket much more cash. We are sure that it is better not to spend hours on the useless search for Flopzilla crack, but to spend this time with the benefit of studying the correct assessment of hand equity.

You can download Flopzilla for free on this link. It is best to download the 1.8.6 version of the software.

The program uses only 30 MB of disk space, and it takes only 15 seconds to install the soft.

How to Use Flopzilla: Main Sections and Functions of the Poker Software

This software is very easy to use even for beginners, as all tools for assessing hands are presented in a single window. The main interface of Flopzilla calculator consists of three key sections:

  • Starting hands. They allow a player entering a hand range;
  • This option allows entering a board, which consists of 3, 4 or 5 cards;
  • This is the main section of Flopzilla, which demonstrates how often all possible hand values can occur.

Below you will find a description of the main sections of Flopzilla.

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Hand Matrix

Starting hands or hand matrix is represented in the form of a convenient table with all your possible pocket cards. The table consists of 169 squares (13 x 13 squares). All possible pocket cards are located in two sections:

  • In the bottom triangle, all cards are off-suit;
  • In the upper triangle, all cards are suited.

All possible starting hands are set in advance:

– Premium;

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– Small pocket pair;

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– Mid pocket pair;

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– Store range/Add category.

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How to Create a Hand Matrix?

You can create your own starting hand at any time. For example, you want to create Broadway and pocket pairs:

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To create a new starting hand, click “Store range“, enter a name and save the new range:

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Pocket pairs are represented in the central diagonal. Thus, choosing the necessary hand from the table, you will find out the equity percentage of either flop or preflop. Using the special slider on the right side of the table, you can set the frequency of the hand range percentage.

You can also edit the main matrix for yourself simply by clicking on the cards in any order, as well as using the buttons located at the bottom of the window under the slider:

  • All;
  • Pocket;
  • Suited.

You can always clear the hand matrix by clicking on the Clear button. Thus, you can at all times configure the Flopzilla calculator to analyze the hand range for yourself.

How to Save the Hand Matrix?

Another important Flopzilla feature is the ability to save starting hands. To do this, you need to click “Export predefined ranges” in the Save/Load tab.

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Copy the text block that appears in the new window and paste it on another laptop into the Import predefined ranges window. Find below an example of a text block:

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If you want to save your postflop hand, click Export save the file as a forum/email test block in the same Save/Load tab. The text block can also be emailed and shared on various poker forums.


Weight buttons are at the top of the main menu. They will help to determine the likelihood that you might play with certain hands. The default mode is always No weight.

There are five modes of Weight indicator. Please note that in the Flopzilla trial version, only the first mode is available.

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Board Section

In the Board block, there are 52 cards by suits in four columns. When analyzing a specific deal, community cards can be set manually, simply by clicking on the desired cards.

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You can also click on the Random button and Flopzilla will automatically compose a random hand matrix for you.

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When a player has selected a range of hands or a specific hand, the first three cards will make a flop. The fourth card is necessary for the turn and the fifth card – for the river. How to work with the Board section easily and correctly? Everything is very simple.

You need to select two pocket cards, and then community cards. As a result, you will immediately get hand equity.

How to calculate preflop?

If you want to know the range of undefined cards, you need to leave all the fields on the hand matrix empty and enter the preflop range. Therefore, each time you change the preflop range, Flopzilla will automatically calculate how a particular range hits an undefined Board.


Undoubtedly, Flopzilla Statistics is the most important section in this software.

It provides info on the frequency of your hand winning, that is, how often a certain hand matrix will hit community cards.

The Statistics section consists of three parts, which are indicated in different colors:

  • Made hand (blue color) is a hand that does not need to be improved to win the game;
  • Draws (green color) is a hand that needs to be improved to win. Most often it is Straight or Flush;
  • A combination of made hand and draws (purple color).
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For example, we can get into a set, two pairs, an overpair, a top pair, a pocket pair less than a top pair, and so on. Using the icons next to each value in the Statistics section, we can leave these values in the game or discard them by turning the filter icons on/off.

Practice shows that players often play with pocket and mid pairs. Flashdraw and OESD are also usually played. Weak pairs are played very rarely.

How to Switch Absolute and Cumulative Modes?

At the top of the Statistics section, you can easily find the Absolute button. By clicking it, you will switch to the Cumulative mode. In this mode, Flopzilla shows in percentages how realistic it is to hold or improve a particular hand.

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Dead cards

In the right part of the main menu of the program, you can find the Dead cards section of Flopzilla.

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In this section, you need to set your own hand to calculate its equity. Here you can also select cards that the opponent accidentally showed and now they do not participate in the general distribution – they will not be dealt on postflop (marked in dark color). This function will help to calculate the postflop strategy more accurately.

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Flopzilla Hotness Tool

The Hotness is another useful Flopzilla feature. It perfectly helps to improve your poker skills flawlessly. By default, this feature is hidden. To use it, you need to expand the program window.

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Depending on the dealt cards, Hotness shows an equity change in the hand range on community cards. That is, you will know how the next community card (turn or river) will affect the percentage of particular hand equity.

The fact is that it is often difficult for a player to correctly assess which cards can strengthen his hand and which cards can improve an opponent’s hand. Therefore, the Hotness section will ideally help in training this skill.

The Hotness tool demonstrates how each next move will affect the equity of the starting hand depending on the range.

The red color indicates 100% range equity. The green color indicates 100% hand equity. To see the equity for a particular card, hover over it. Thus, you will see the equity for the selected card in the pop-up window.

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To the right of color-coded cards, all cards are arranged in accordance with equity. The top card is the best for the range (the Queen of Spades on the screen below).

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The bottom card is the best card for the hand (the Ace of Spades on the screen below). The red line shows the current equity value for the range of 20.75%.


Now you know how to use Flopzilla. This software is a great solution for training hand equity analysis skills for every self-respecting poker player.

You can download Flopzilla free on the official website of the software. At any time, you can use the program during the seven-day trial period.

If you like Flopzilla ranges results, you can purchase it at any time to significantly improve your poker skills and increase the chances of winning the game. Flopzilla cost is very affordable. This program can also be used with Equilab or SharkScope to give you additional advantage.

In any case, the active usage of all additional poker apps will be useful to achieve maximum results in the game. Good luck at the tables, folks!