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Hand2Note Instruction – Installation and Basic SetupEvaluate the soft and traffic in your working time

Hand2Note Instruction – Installation and Basic Setup

About Hand2Note

Hand2Note is a new program that helps players to get more info about the game at the table and analyze their own game.

Users like a convenient software interface and a flexible system of settings. Hand2Note works quite quickly and allows importing hands speedily.

In this review, we will examine the installation and basic setup of Hand2Note in detail, so that even a beginner who has never used it could deal with the software.

Hand2Note Installation Process

Go to the hand2note official site and download the program.

The software download button is available directly from the main page of the site

After downloading the installation file, it should be run with administrator rights. To do this, right-click on the software icon and select the appropriate item.

In the first window, click the Next button:

Then, choose a folder for installing program files. We recommend using the default option.

In the third window, click the Install button, and the program will be installed. You do not need to wait for a long time. The installation is usually completed in 1 minute or even less.

As you can see, the installation is effortless. It does not require any special knowledge.

The First Use of Hand2Note

After the first launch, Hand2Note will start to find all the available poker clients on your PC and will collect the available hand history. If you have found such data, you will see the main screen with statistics in a few minutes.

But if you have no previous experience with the statistics, the program window will look like this:

Using the corresponding import buttons, you can upload various files, folders, or statistics database into the Hand2Note base.

Players can download Hand2Note for free and use it for the first 30 days with full functionality. Next, you will need to buy a subscription. However, if you play at up to NL25 limits, you can continue to use the free version of the program.

There are four tariffs:

If you purchase a paid subscription, you will get a special key, which must be entered in the Configuration – Other Option – License section:

To switch the language from English into Russian, follow the path: Sandwich Menu – Configuration – Other Option – Language.

In Which Poker Rooms You Can Use Hand2Note

You can use Hand2Note in the following poker rooms:

You can connect the program via a converter in many other rooms. However, the dynamic HUD is supported only by 888, PartyPoker and iPoker skins.

There is no need to make any additional manipulations with the HUD setup. You can run the poker room and test the software from the box.

Below you will find the necessary instruction that will help you set more flexible Hand2Note settings. Optionally, you can manually set the path to the hand history collected in the poker rooms.

If you have additional questions regarding working with specific rooms, and you will need to solve other problems, contact us for help.

Hand2Note Settings

The basic program settings and its functionality can be found in the Configuration tab. To switch to it, click the sandwich menu icon in the upper corner of the program on the left.

You can also use the hotkey F12.

HUD setup

In this section, you can set the necessary parameters for the XA hand2note. First of all, we mean the visibility of stats on the gaming tables.

Many of the settings are obvious and correspond to their names. We will consider the most critical parameters.

Enable HUD through the converter. If a converter is required for the normal functioning of the tracker in the poker room, and it is in your location, be sure to enable this option.

Auto Import

Here you can set up a path to the hand history imported from the poker room. You can receive all the data automatically and specify the path to the folder manually.

Here you can set up a path to the hand history imported from the poker room. You can receive all the data automatically and specify the path to the folder manually.

The “Archive to folder” tab indicates the directory with the stored archives of previous hands. It is important not to accumulate too much data in directories for automatic import.

You need to activate “Auto import” if you want to allow parallel operation of the software together with alternative trackers. If you do not do it, there may be conflict cases and data loss by both programs.

Hand view

The section “Hand view” offers a choice of colors and fonts that are used to design the type of hands:

In the “Options” tab on the right, you can select the following parameters:

  • Bet size. Units in which the bet will be displayed (big blinds or chips);
  • Act. The way the player’s actions are shown: in one line, streets or a column;
  • Pot. Bank display method;
  • Group. The group display format, which includes distribution.

Here you can turn on Ante bets and Auto play function.

You can view any changes in the form of a preview (a row of dark color) located above the blocks of the settings.

Preflop Diagram

Here you can set the preflop chart output settings. You can determine the intervals of calls and raises and select the desired color.

Postflop Diagram

The same settings. Set the desired chart settings for different hands and their design.

Stats appearance

In this tab, you can configure the details of displaying statistical parameters in hand2note HUD.

You can specify colors and transparency for popups, as well as specific values for data statistics.


Here you can customize how your notes will look. You can change the font, text, and background color for text notes made with Hand2Note. All changes can immediately be viewed as a preview on the right.

Color markers

Hand2Note has two default categories of markers – Reg and Fish. Each user can add other identifying markers on his discretion.


Here you can specify additional settings are specified for repeating hands. The user can specify what exactly should be displayed and set the time intervals between the players` actions during the replayer work.

Game types

Hand2Note allows using your HUD and popup windows for various game disciplines. You can use only this tab to set the necessary instructions.

Be attentive to the selected settings, since the HUD will be active only in those disciplines where it is indicated.
  • Abbreviation. The abbreviated name of a specific discipline.
  • Cash or Tournaments. Specify at which tables the chosen configuration and interface type will be active.
  • HUD and popup. Specify HUD and popup ads that will be used for tables with specific settings.
  • Cap and Zoom. If you tick here, the HUD will appear only for the selected category of tables. It means that, for example, when you turn on the “Zoom” checkbox, you will not be able to use the interface for a standard cash game.
  • Who is a regular? It is a great way to create a template based on which the Hand2Note program will “recognize” regulars. The software will perceive all other users who do not fit the described conditions as fishes. It is an essential point because the program does not divide the players by default, and do not take into account how hands like REGvsFISH affect the overall statistics.


Use this tab to set a favorite place for specific poker rooms, as well as adjusts the time difference between the hands and the local time on the PC.

Similarly, you can specify your nickname for each poker room. It is necessary that the individual program options work correctly.


On this tab, you can create groups of aliases. Alias is the group of several nicknames. Thanks to this, you will be able to keep separate reports and generate statistics.

To add an alias, click on the “Add” button and enter the desired name. Then you can add the list of nicknames in the “Players” window.


Here you can set the database are the parameters. If you use SSD, it is better to keep the base on it.


This section contains six tabs with system software settings:

  • License.If you pay for a subscription, you will get a key that is inserted into the appropriate field.
  • Currencies. Set the current exchange rate. The program will use it for calculations. The default currency is the US dollar.
  • Maintenance. Summary of data on the entire list of active HUD filters, popup windows, and groups. It has convenient options to get rid of the filters that you do not use.
  • Statistics. Only one parameter, which allows excluding draws from the statistics in which you played against fishes. This function is activated by default.
  • Logging. All info about HUD, auto-import and other software components will be in the form of logs. Developers will use it to eliminate errors.
  • Language. The language interface of the program is selected.

Do not worry if you have done something and you hesitate whether you did it right. You can always change Settings to default. To do it, click the “Reset to default” button on each button.

Do you still have any questions? Contact us on Skype V-POKERE.SUPPORT or Telegram: @AntonioSupport