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Holdem Indicator Review and Key Features

What is Holdem Indicator?

Holdem Indicator is a high-tech online poker odds calculator for Windows operating systems.

Holdem Indicator offers poker odds with real-time statistics of your opponents in easy to understand design and graphics. The software is automatically attached to all poker tables that you are currently playing, which is a very convenient option of the program.

It collects and displays key data from the tables for you immediately.

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Presently, more than 20,000 poker players have already bought the official Holdem Indicator license. And this number has been keeping on growing daily.

The first version of Holdem Indicator 1.0.1 was officially released in September 2006. At that time, it supported over 150 reputable poker rooms. Currently, Holdem Indicator has turned into the reliable online poker odds calculator, which is supported and officially allowed to use by more than 300 popular poker websites.

Among the other popular products of this company are Omaha Indicator, Poker Tournament Indicator, Stud Indicator, and iOmaha Indicator.

At the request of thousands of poker players, our experts have studied this software and they have summed up the main features of Holdem Indicator.

Keep on reading Holdem Indicator Review to get the details and find the answer to the key question: How can the Holdem Indicator help to improve your poker skills?

Holdem Indicator Cost

Holdem Indicator’s current price is $99.5. You can order Hold’em Indicator quickly and safely.

Advantages of Holdem Indicator licensed software:

  • Seven-day money return guarantee;
  • Lifetime Hold’em Indicator license with unlimited usage time;
  • All further software updates for free;
  • All-day-round customer support;
  • Holdem indicator license code will be emailed to you in a few hours.

Note! Please be informed in advance that you can get help at customer support via email only.

Payment Methods

You can purchase Holdem Indicator license using one of the following payment methods:

  • Visa/MasterCard/Maestro credit card.
  • WebMoney, Bitcoin, Western Union;
  • Skrill/PayPal.
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Regardless of the payment method, all financial transactions are protected by the newest SSK encryption.

Download Holdem Indicator Trial

Before purchasing an official license of Holdem Indicator, you can try it for free to get familiar with the software.

You can download Holdem Indicator free trial (Version – 3.1.6) on the official website using this link.

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The file size is only 18M. System requirements: Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/2000.

Key Features and Advantages of Holdem Indicator

Holdem Indicator provides poker players with plenty of useful features to calculate odds in a given game. Let us review the most important ones.

The Holdem Indicator can help you to improve your poker skills significantly in two fundamental ways:

  • This software calculates your valuable odds info and displays it immediately. For example, it might be such info as your pot odds, win odds, and the odds of improving your hand. Knowing these odds is essential to winning in a long-term perspective.
  • It carefully keeps an eye on every move of your rival at the table and displays it to you. This data can give you a hint at how your opponent will react on any future hand. Therefore, you can decide quickly on whether to bet, call, fold, or bluff against your rivals.

There are four main tabs in the Holdem Indicator Menu. These are HUD, Views, Stats, and Tools. Let’s describe each item briefly.

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You can switch your Holdem Indicator to HUD – a Head-Up Display.

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HUD shows your opponent statistics, mucked cards, win odds and pot odds right on the top of your poker table.

Easy to use and smooth HUD without any multipart configuration is another advantage of the software.


Depending on your personal preferences, your monitor size, the number of active tables you are playing now, you can choose the most suitable way of the Holdem Indicator view. Go to the “Views” tab and choose your desired view. There are three options:

  • Horizontal view (installed by default);
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  • Mini view;
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  • Vertical view.
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To win in online poker, you need to know the type of player you are playing with. Is he/she a fish or a shark? How can we know it? Holdem Indicator tracks vital markers of all actions of your rivals at the table. It can help you to make a better decision.

In the “Stats” Tab of Holdem Indicator you will find the following categories:

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  • #H: The total number of hands your opponent has been at the table with;
  • VPIP: The number of times your rival has voluntarily got involved in a hand;
  • PFR: It shows the total number of times your opponent has raised preflop;
  • 3bet/F, Steal/F, AF, and CBet/F: These categories display the most used betting, stealing, and folding tendencies of your opponent. They can clearly represent your rivals gaming strategy;
  • WSD/W (Went to Showdown): It indicates in percentages the number of times your opponent goes all the way to the river. Moreover, it displays your rival winning percentage when he/she gets to the showdown;
  • Net: This category displays your opponent`s game results – loss or profit per session. It is a very important and useful category of Holden Indicator to help you build a further strategy. The info on how much your rival won or lost during a session can show you his/her disturbance level.

If you combine the mentioned data into an overall profile of your opponent, you will immediately get a significant advantage in the game.


In the “Tools” tab, there are such main options:

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Settings. Here you can change all your general settings of Holdem Indicator according to your preferences.

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HUD options. Here you can adjust all your preferable HUD options. We’ve already described it;

Hand Replayer. This option allows visualizing your played hands with Player Stats and Win Odds.

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“Sessions” menu allows choosing a needed session or deleting an old one. “Options” menu allows changing and customizing options for your Hand Replayer.

Manual Calculator. This tool helps you to calculate your possible odds during your real-time session. You can replace cards to calculate various odds manually.

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Holdem Indicator Mac

Holdem Indicator Mac or iHoldem Indicator is known to be the first poker software for Mac operating system. A seven-day trial version can be downloaded for free.

The lifetime subscription price is $99. The software is attached to your table automatically and gets access to your cards at once.

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Holdem Indicator Mac software accurately calculates your winning poker odds, outs, pot odds, and your table position. EV is instantly shown for your starting hands. The program shows betting patterns and opponent`s statistics in real-time mode. Thus, using Holdem Indicator Mac will help you to have all the necessary info to make bright and money-making decisions.


Holdem Indicator is a perfect software for the best calculation of your odds in poker. You can use a trial version to get familiar with the software. Many players often google Holdem indicator crack version to avoid official payment. However, to benefit from all features of the Holdem Indicator, you would better purchase the official license of this program.

You just spend $100 on buying the soft, and you will undoubtedly pay off the cost of Holdem Indicator quickly if you treat playing poker seriously.

If you use this soft regularly, you can be sure that your poker skills will be improved, which will certainly result in your profit growth. Just spend some time studying all the features of Holdem Indicator, and have a great chance to pocket good money in the nearest future.

So, try Holdem Indicator download today and check out how this first-class software can turn you into a winning poker player!