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Holdem Manager Free Download and Detailed ReviewEvaluate the soft and traffic in your working time

Holdem Manager Free Download and Detailed Review

How to Get Holdem Manager for Free

As we have said, there are several good ways to get Holdem Manager for free.

There are three following main ways to get this application for free:

  • Download free trial-version of Holdem Manager from official website;
  • Download hacked (“cracked”) version of the software;
  • Get official full version of software with license from the site

The first method is the easiest one, but as a result you will not get a full version ever. Thirty days later you will see an alert that the trial license has expired and you have to buy XM2 from developers.

The second option is usually used by beginners, who do not have enough money to buy reliable and proven software at start. Some handymen made sure everyone can enjoy the benefits of digital age, including poker players. Therefore, there is possibility to download Holdem Manager 2 via torrent on many pirate sites.

By downloading program files in this format you are definitely at risk, because you can download a version with a virus or Trojan. If you use hacked Holdem Manager such risk may reduce all of its advantages to zero. After all, there is a high probability that attackers will gain remote access to your PC.

We do not recommend using this option for other reasons too. Often the cracked version causes failures and displays statistics incorrectly. In short, you will get more problems than real profit. Therefore, Holdem Manager via torrents – is not the best option.

Finally, the third and the safest and most profitable way. You can download Holdem Manager for free using our website

We give out an official licensed copy of the program to players for performing simple tasks of playing poker. All you need to do is just do what you love and play in various poker rooms on our website. And we will advise which game will bring the higher profits.

Obviously, this method is best suited for those who play a lot. If you play a certain number of hands, you will get the official version of the software.


To learn more about getting the licensed version of Holdem Manager 2 from – contacts us on Skype V-POKERE.SUPPORT or Telegram: @AntonioSupport

Where You Can Download Holdem Manager?

Texas Holdem is the most popular type of poker based on incompleteness of information. Apart from information about player`s cards and cards on board any additional details that can give an advantage in the game are important.

Special software help professional players to collect more information and display statistics. One of the most popular software of the kind is Holdem Manager.

Here we will talk about second version of this popular software which is used for collection of additional statistics and information about opponents at the table – Holdem Manager 2.

What the Holdem Manager 2 Does?

Holdem Manager 2 is a professional poker player utility that provides a lot of additional information about opponents to the user. Thanks to this software you get a huge advantage over your opponents.

In this program you will have access to HUD (HAD or HUD, stands for heads-up display) – these are statistical data collected from other users’ games that were displayed during game at the table. The very essence of HM2 is to accumulate, analyze and display such data about opponents, which helps you play better and win more.

Where You Can Download Holdem Manager

HM2 is distributed on a paid basis. You can download Holdem Manager 2 from official site of Max Value Software.

Holdem Manager is the official website at

On the website you can get following software products of Max Value Software:

  • HM2 application;
  • Add-ons and plugins to Holdem Manager;
  • Similar application for Omaha – Omaha Manager 2.

Additionally, you can apply for testing of new version of Holdem Manager 3.

Holdem Manager 2 can be downloaded from official website:

Paid version of HM2 is distributed in two versions: PRO and Small Stakes. The difference is that in the second version is cheaper and there is no access to statistics at all limits.

Additionally, every user can try Holdem Manager for free. We will describe the best ways to get the free version of the utility in the next paragraph of this article below.

Developers` official website offers Holdem Manager trial. This trial version provides 30-days trial period from the moment of downloading and installation. In this version you will have access to full functionality of the tracker. But when the trial period ends, you will no longer be able to receive additional statistics.

For some users it may be the problem that Holdem Manager 2 is in English language only and original software does not have a Russian-language interface.

This means that if you are looking for official Russian version of Holdem Manager we will have to disappoint you. There is no Russian version of this software.

In Which Rooms You Can Use Holdem Manager

It is worth noting that not all poker websites can use this software. There are a number of rooms that do not allow the use of additional software (for example, such as Pokerdom and Pokermatch).

Here is a list of poker rooms supported by Holdem Manager HUD:

If you play in any of these rooms or networks, but still do not use HUD, then you should not be surprised that your results are not as positive as you would like. Opponents who use this software will always be one step ahead of you.

Setting Up Holdem Manager

Here we shall not forget that the program operates with data collected during the game (when the cards were shown). The more hands the opponents played, the more statistics are known about them.

After installation, you will be immediately prompted to configure the program.

First you need to create a new PostgreSQL database. Specify the path to its location or leave the default value.  If you already have a database, select Select an existing HM2 database:

If you have used other trackers before, you can import your previous hand history. After that, click Finish and the basic setup of the program is finished.

Next, you should configure client programs of poker room where you play. To do this, set each client to save history of hands on your PC. History should be saved in English and folder path should not contain Cyrillic characters.

The best option is to use English interface in room where you play. In this case, there will be no problems with HM2 operation.

Quite often, new users use the default settings of the XM service.  It’s enough to get started. More sophisticated parameters can be sorted out later.

Special attention shall be given to Holdem Manager 2 HUD.

Here’s what HUD looks like when playing at the table:

Directly at the poker room table, near the opponents you can see their main statistical indicators on a variety of characteristics. When you point the cursor over certain stat, a popup window displays data in more details.

All these parameters can be adjusted to your needs and choose only those data that you consider important for your game.

Main stats:

  • VPIP (voluntary put money into the pot) –percentage of how often the player bets on preflop. This parameter helps to understand what style the player has: tight or loose. The lower the index, the narrower the range of players hands;
  • PFR (pre-flop raise) – percentage rate of raises (raise) before the flop. The norm value is in range of 7-13%.
  • AF (agression factor) – an indicator of the user’s game aggressiveness. Is determined by formula % bet + %raise / %call. Average FA – 2-3,5 (turn) and 1.5-2.5 (river).
  • WTSD – how many hands before showdown (in percent). High value indicates that the player will go to the end even with the weakest hand. Low – drop of weak and medium sets of cards. Average value for 6-Max table – 35-38%.

These four main indicators help to understand what strategy the opponent follows. These data are necessarily taken into account for analysis of the game at the table.

But there are a number of other important characteristics that only deepen the understanding of draw:

  • ATS (Attempt to steal) – how often a player tries to steal bets on a profitable position;
  • 3B (3-bet) – tri-bet percentage;
  • Cbet/CB (Continuation Bet) − interest rates in continuation;
  • Hands – number of hands that were available for analysis. The higher the range, the more data;
  • FoldvCB – rate of cards drops on bet for continuation;
  • Foldv3B − percent drop in re opponent;
  • FoldvTurnCB –foul for a long bet on turn;
  • W$@SD – number of showdowns won in percentage.

The more statistical data we have the better. To have this kind of information, you need to have information about hands of opponents and if you use Holdem Manager 2 for the first time, there will be no statistics.

In this case mining is used. The so-called import of hands database. But, mining is strictly prohibited in most poker rooms. Sometimes your account will be banned for its use. But in fact, rooms do not have real tools to identify use of mining.

How to Expand Functionality of Holdem Manager 2 

In addition to its basic functionality, HM2 provides ability to integrate additional plug-ins and extensions.

The most popular ones are:

  • Leak Buster – plugin, the main purpose of which is to detect errors in user’s game;
  • Table Scanner 2 – seeks for the most profitable tables (performs the function of bumhunting);
  • SitNGo Wizard 2 – helps with tips in multi-table tournaments and CIS;
  • Note Caddy – extension for creating notes about players;
  • Tilt Breaker –useful program that closes the game if you get into a tilt state;
  • Table Ninja 2 – module for automation of solutions in multi-tabling. Performs specified automatic actions when playing at multiple tables.

Do you still have any questions? Contact us on Skype V-POKERE.SUPPORT or Telegram: @AntonioSupport