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How to Play Freerolls: Tips for Beginners and Basic Strategies.Evaluate the soft and traffic in your working time

How to Play Freerolls: Tips for Beginners and Basic Strategies.

Beginner poker players are always looking for a chance to pocket good cash with minimal risks. Such options do exist. Most poker rooms offer so-called freerolls or free tournaments.

In the post, we will analyze in details the following:

  • What is a poker freeroll and what are its main features;
  • How to play these tournaments correctly to get maximum profit.

What are Freerolls and Why Poker Rooms Need Them?

Poker freeroll tournament involves free participation of players. It means you do not need to make a buy-in (tournament fee) to participate. That is why freerolls are called “free tournaments.” Nevertheless, you can win good money at freeroll tables. It is the main magnetism of tournaments without a fee.

Like other tournaments in online poker rooms, each freeroll has predetermined rules (number of participants, prize pool, betting structure, etc.)

Presently, freerolls are one of the most profitable options for starting a poker career. After all, you can enjoy the game without any risk.

Freerolls have the following advantages for new players:

  • You can win your first poker money here. In the future, you can use this money as buy-ins for regular tournaments with good prizes;
  • Free tournaments are a great chance to get the game experience because you play against real opponents. Playing freeroll poker, you understand how the poker tournament is organized, and how to play at different stages;
  • You can simply enjoy poker and compete in skill with opponents. The presence of cash prizes makes freerolls a much better option than playing poker, for example, in social networks.

The only disadvantage of this format is a rare opportunity to win big money. Classically, the tournament prize pool is quite a small ($10, $25, or $50), which is distributed among the dozens or hundreds of participants who won prizes.

Why does a poker room give you money for free? Everything is clear here: freerolls attract beginners, who can turn into loyal users of the room very quickly.

Main Types of Freerolls

All free tournaments in poker rooms can be divided into three types:

  • Freerolls available to all usersof the poker room. To participate, you need to register in the tournament on time;
  • Freerolls with passwords. To participate, you need to have a special code, usually consisting of several characters. When you try to register, the client program of the poker site will ask you to enter a poker freeroll password;
  • Special free tournaments available to a limited number of players. These can be events for which the player gets tickets as a welcome bonus or as part of the poker room loyalty program. Moreover, various poker communities hold closed free tournaments, where only members can play.

Besides, there are two types of freerolls in terms of prizes:

  1. Freerolls with a prize pool;
  2. Satellite freerolls, in which the winners get tickets to paid freeroll poker tournaments.

Freeroll poker passwords can be found on the pages of specific poker rooms on social networks or official sites. Moreover, there are info poker sites that continually collect relevant poker freeroll passwords. You can find them in a separate section.

If you use Telegram, you can always get current passwords for free tournaments such as PokerStars freeroll passwords, cardschat freeroll password, passwords to daily freeroll slot tournaments, etc. To do this, subscribe to our channel:

In Which Poker Rooms Can You Find Freerolls?

Most of the popular poker rooms try to offer their players the widest choice of gambling opportunities. Freerolls complement the list of regular cash tournaments in the best way. Therefore, almost every large poker room announces free tournaments.

It should be noted that poker sites used to be even more generous in holding free tournaments. In the mid-2000s, poker rooms attracted a large number of new users through such events. Now the number of freeroll offers has decreased. If you have a strong desire, there will always be options.

To find freerolls in a specific poker room, look in the Lobby for the appropriate tab, or set a filter to display only free tournaments.

For example, you can view all available Pokerstars freerolls if you go to the “Tournaments” lobby section. Use the buy-in filter and tick in front of the corresponding value:

As you can see, the list is quite impressive. PokerStars is the largest poker room with plenty of events, including freerolls. It is easy to check freeroll availability. Just click a freeroll title and then click the “Play” button. Do not forget to use PokerStars freeroll password.

Let us see at freeroll poker offer of the popular GipsyTeam poker forum:

If you need a ticket to participate in the event, you will not be able to play. We can see it in this case. Only users with appropriate tickets can participate in such Poker Stars freerolls.

Here’s another example, where you need to find the freeroll passwords for PokerStars freerolls and enter them in the corresponding field:

Generally, the choice of open free events on Poker Stars is not that big. Its prize pool usually varies from $25 to $100.

The situation is similar in the second most popular resource – 888poker room. 888poker freerollsare less numerous, but they offer the same terms. There are profitable free events with a $1000 guarantee.

Important Tips of Playing at Free Poker Tournaments

You can meet various types of players at freeroll tables. Typically, they can be divided into four groups:

  • Players who knows nothing about poker and just play for fun;
  • Players who play at freerolls to relax after serious cash games. Usually, they do not care about this format. In this way, they relieve psychological stress after failing games;
  • Beginners who try to play well, gain experience, and even win something if they are lucky;
  • Users who have registered for the freeroll tournament, but do not play in it (in poker terminology, they are sitting out).

In any case, you can seldom meet professionals at freeroll tables. The general field is fragile. And this feature can be used by any player who shows enough patience and plays smartly.

Generally, you need to understand that it is not easy to guess the real situation at freeroll tables since the opponents play randomly. Any actions, such as raises or re-raises, can often be answered inadequately.

The success recipe is very simple. You need to play as simple as possible. Do not use sophisticated strategies. In any case, your luck mostly determines the game result. Moreover, you will change lots of freeroll tables. The optimal action algorithm is as follows:

Look at the table and the players. Note for yourself those who are sitting out, maniacs, and other types;

Act carefully and gradually accumulate chips at the first tournament stage;

At later stages, use a situational strategy that helps to win cash.

Below you will find a detailed analysis of all possible freeroll strategies.

How to Play Freerolls Wisely?

Freerolls are played like any other poker tournament. You need not participate in every deal. Weak pocket cards can often be folded. Your main task is not just to reach a showdown, but to “get into the prizes.” That is, you must accumulate a certain number of chips to stay in the freeroll poker tournaments as long as possible and get a part of the prize pool. Thus, you need to analyze your opponents` tactics and the tournament structure.

Several basic rules that should be used when playing a freeroll poker. Experienced players recommend using an aggressive style of play (confidently playing strong hands).

The basic rules to follow:

  • Play only with good pocket cards. Fold all trash such as J7 or 3Q;
  • Use increased raises and high stakes compared to a regular poker game;
  • Always be aggressive if you have a strong hand;
  • If you have a monster hand, such as KK or AA, you must immediately go all-in;
  • Do not try to bluff and beat opponents if you doubt your hand.

You should remember that your overall strategy will be tied to the current freeroll tournament stage. As in other MTT, there are three main stages in freerolls:

  • Early stage. On this stage, the number of your chips significantly exceeds the blind amount. Usually, you should have 25 big blinds.
  • Late stage. The required stakes have increased significantly. Your stack (total amount of chips) is less than 25 big blinds.
  • The final stage. You reach the final table in the tournament.

You must try to move forward as far as possible in the freeroll tournament, as only getting into the winner list can bring you small cash. Worthy prizes are usually played at the final table. Just follow the number of participants and analyze the dynamics of knocking opponents out of the game.


Freerolls are an excellent option for building their bankroll and getting a necessary poker experience. However, playing in freeroll poker tournaments differs much from other formats. You must always remember that plenty of your opponents at the poker freeroll tables often act boldly because they do not lose anything. If you approach this issue wisely, it will be easy to win your first poker cash here.

You can try poker freerolls on popular rooms right now. Just register on any of the sites, and find a free tournament.