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How to Win on Freerolls

Tips on How to Earn on Poker Without Investments

Everyone who starts playing poker wonders how to earn on the game. To start developing in poker, you need a so-called bankroll (the minimum cash for the game). But where to get it and is it possible to get freebie money without investment?

In this post, we will find out whether it is possible to earn good money in poker using freerolls. Do free tournaments allow making a starting bankroll? Are there any examples of successful earning money in poker in such a way?

Freerolls are free tournaments in which you can win real cash. It is one of the most popular ways of initial progress in poker rooms, which allows gaining game experience and earning the first dollars.

Other methods include:

  • No deposit bonuses for registration in the poker room. For example, you can get up to $88 at 888poker with our instruction.

  • It is when other players financially support you. Its primary disadvantage is that if nobody knows you in your poker community, nobody will most probably give you money just like that. Backers will need to return a percentage of the winnings later.

For a beginner, using freerolls looks much better.

How to Build a Bankroll Using Freerolls?

First, you need to find poker rooms with a sufficient number of free tournaments. There is always a large selection of free events on the largest poker sites. Some of them are held by the poker room itself, while large poker communities organize their own tournaments.

Which Freerolls Can Really be Played for Free?

If you look at the list of tournaments using “Freerolls” filter on the most popular poker room PokerStars, you will be pleasantly surprised. There are plenty of them. This situation is similar to other poker sites. No matter how paradoxical it may sound, not all freerolls are free. It means that not all freerolls can be accessed for free.

We are not talking about freeroll passwords, but the availability of such tournaments for everyone. It is easy to get a passphrase today. Every user can find freeroll poker passwords today. They are published on the social network pages of the poker rooms, as well as on special aggregator sites. You need to enter a password in a special field, and you are registered in the tournament at once!

You Need to Know That Freerolls Can Be:

  • Everyone can participate. You just need to register, or sign up with a password (which is easy to find on the network);
  • Players can access such tournaments using special tickets. Sometimes individual poker communities use such measures for their members. On the other hand, some closed freerolls are held by the poker room itself. Tickets are received by depositors, new players, or users who have completed certain conditions (earned the right amount of points in a loyalty program, etc.).


Users of poker sites get access to some freerolls after making a deposit. However, this option does not suit us since it requires making initial investments. Now we will be talking precisely about open freerolls in which anyone can participate. Only they allow everyone earning money without investments.

Choosing Moneymaking Freerolls

In free tournaments, the main focus should be made on an excellent opportunity to win. For example, there are two freerolls. One of them offers $100 prize pool, and the other – only $25. You may think that the choice is obvious. Allow us to disagree. You need to analyze the tournament structure, the number of prizes, and the prizes that will be awarded to the final table participants. In the real game, all is not that obvious. Therefore, you need to choose tournaments with a small and limited number of participants.

If you desire to win no matter what happens, then you need to participate only in freerolls with good cash prizes — not a couple of cents, but at least a dozen dollars or more. In profitable free tournaments, you can sometimes win even tens of dollars (when you take high places).

If you choose to earn the first poker money using freerolls, you will have to start your poker career from scratch. It is not as easy as it seems.

Despite all the advantages of a free game, freerolls have several disadvantages:

  • Players often play recklessly and spend chips carelessly;
  • There are many so-called maniacs who regularly go all-in, not considering the strength of their hand and the overall situation at the table;
  • As a result, there are a lot of travelling and bad beats (when you lose even with a strong hand), and all depends on your luck;
  • To win good cash, you must stay in the game for several hours.

Despite these significant obstacles, you can undoubtedly succeed in freerolls.

How to Win in Freerolls?

To win in such an unpredictable environment, you need to obtain many essential poker skills: endurance, ability to read opponents` thoughts, and understanding of basic strategies. However, you can learn all this during the game itself. That is why freerolls are so popular!

First of all, you need to look closely at your opponents. Many of them will make common mistakes. Some of them will try to bluff, while others will just spend their chips carelessly. You need to understand what a particular player is. Such a clear understanding of the situation at a poker table at a given moment will help you to win.

Try not to play all hands in a row, avoid bluffing, and get maximum benefits if you get a strong hand.

The tight strategy is the best solution. It assumes that you are playing according to your best hand, and not just spending chips with garbage on your hands. When playing with strong pocket cards, you will get significant advantages over your opponents. Most of them just have fun at the table.

Moreover, it is not worth bluffing much because it will be challenging to remove opponents from the game. The reason is simple – nobody is going to give up, because players do not lose anything as they have not paid for the participation in the game.

Bluffing is the right choice only when others think that you have a good hand, or at least better than their ones. For example, four suited cards on the board are the best condition for bluffing, provided that the opponents showed the weakness of their positions.

Freerolls should be played based on the current stage and situation at the table. You will be transferred to other tables several times during the tournament. Then the moment will come when the game will become more balanced, and the players will have a more rational approach to their decisions.

When the bubble time comes (when only winners remain at the table), you must start playing more aggressively. Such a move is associated with the thrift of your opponents who want to get into the prizes.

There are many players with a well-developed intuition. It may seem that they are always lucky, but in fact, it is not. In freerolls, you can often win at the expense of your sixth sense. However, you also need other skills for further development. Therefore, everything just begins in poker for you, even after getting a large freeroll prize. The main task, however, is completed.

What to Do Next?

For example, you won $20 in the freeroll. How to dispose of this money properly?

There is an expression “play by bankroll.” It assumes that you only participate in tournaments and events that you can afford.

According to the unspoken rule, you cannot play on more than 5% of your bankroll. Then you can recover from the downfall, and proceed to the next game appropriately. The typical mistake of most players is that they immediately start playing without limits. Many get into full tilt and do not control themselves at all in the game.

For $20, you can play 40 tournaments of 50 cents or 80 tournaments of 25 cents. If you lose control and start playing at $ 1.5 buy-in tables, then in 12-13 games, you will lose all your funds.

Dispose of your freerolls winnings wisely, and then you will soon be able to increase your fortune at times. The main thing is not to hurry. You cannot just win a freeroll and then become a millionaire in a week. Only hard work and continually improving your poker skills will give results in the future. And you can turn a few dollars into thousands.

All these are good tales, you may say. Show me a player who managed to earn good money from poker without any deposit. There are such players. Meet them!

Examples of Players Who Started With Poker Freerolls and Became Millionaires

Yevgeny Tymoshenko

He is the prominent Ukrainian poker player, who began playing as a teenager. At first, he played poker with friends just for fun, but then he realized that he could earn money on poker. Young Yevgeny had no funds to deposit. Therefore, he decided to find a way to build his initial bankroll without investments. In one of the freerolls, at Ultimate Bet poker room, Eugene won his first 6 dollars.

It is symbolic that, due to poker, Yevgeny Tymoshenko earned more than $6 million before his 21st birthday. Yevgeny’s achievements include victories in such prestigious tournaments as WPT, ART, Aussie Millions 2008, and WCOOP.

Tymoshenko says his main thing is that he quickly adapts to his opponents in any situations at the table.

Annette Obrestad

Norwegian girl Annette Obrestad is one of those few lucky players who managed to earn millions by starting from scratch. She began her poker career at the age of 15 when she registered at one of the poker rooms (minors are forbidden to play poker, it violates the rules, but it didn’t stop her). Parents did not like the idea of a deposit, and they gave her no money for a game at all. Therefore, Annette decided to earn her first poker money in freerolls. She played under the nickname Anettte_15, which rather transparently hinted at her age.

Finally, Annette won her first money ($ 9) in a free tournament. It was enough to participate in several Sit-and-Go tournaments. Then real game progress started.

A remarkable event took place in 2006 when 18-year-old Annette won the tournament with 180 participants. According to Annette, she did not look at the cards at all. She just solely watched and analyzed the behavior and actions of her opponents.

A year later, Obrestad won her first bracelet, becoming the youngest winner of the World Series of Poker.

Chris Ferguson

In 2006, the world-known professional poker player Chris Ferguson decided to prove that a player can build a bankroll without a deposit if he/she follows certain rules strictly. For eight months, Ferguson had been participating only in free tournaments, because he failed to earn cash on buy-in events at first. He finally won in the tournament with a $1 deposit. Chris outplayed 683 opponents and earned $104, as a second-place winner. In 18 months, Chris earned $10,000. Being a millionaire, he earned this money from scratch.


Although poker freerolls offer small prizes, it’s possible to build your bankroll and win cash without spending much money. We gave only the most vivid examples. There are hundreds of such cases.

In freerolls, you can win starting money, though it is a time-consuming process. On the other hand, you still have to gain experience in the first stages of playing freerolls. There will be mistakes and doubts, but you cannot do without them.

If others do, you will succeed too. We wish you good luck and good wins!