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Negreanu Started Giving Poker LessonsEvaluate the soft and traffic in your working time

Negreanu Started Giving Poker Lessons

Daniel Negreanu joined the MasterClass poker school. This site is famous for its famous teachers who conduct courses on various topics. So, for example, Steph Curry teaches how to score 3-pointers in basketball, and Martin Scorsese how to shoot a good movie.

Master Class called my agent with a proposal to do a joint business and we decided that this is a great opportunity. This site hosts some of the most highly qualified training courses in various fields.

Negreanu said

The poker Pro offers a video course of 33 lessons, costing $ 90 per lesson. Negreanu will follow with various topics in offline poker: tails, check-raises, overbets, bubble strategy and so on. To Online poker only the bonus 34 lesson is dedicated.

The students will have the opportunity to ask questions to Negreanu, to which he personally will give an answer. All students are given a workbook with a poker glossary.

Now Daniel is participating in the WSOP 2018 and was one step away from the seventh bracelet. In the tournament $ 1,500 Eight Game Mix Negreanu performed well and took third place.