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PartyPoker in 2019: Don’t Play Here!Evaluate the soft and traffic in your working time

PartyPoker in 2019: Don’t Play Here!

In the last couple of years, PartyPoker has become a paradise for poker bots. Probably almost every player has encountered bots in any given discipline: cash-games, MTTs and Spins. Stronger regulars have somehow managed to survive (thanks to the rakeback) and weaker regulars have lost their money. But it hasn’t bothered PartyPoker. The more rake is better, right?

In December 2018, PartyPoker decided to increase their profits. This time poker affiliates were hit. PartyPoker decided that affiliates should receive payments for attracted players only for 3 years. After that, it will be considered that the player’s account is not bound to any affiliate program. The same will affect accounts that have been inactive for more than a year, even if it has been under an affiliate program for less than 3 years.

In March 2019, PartyPoker started a war with poker bots. Any player will say this is good news. But there is one problem. After they banned a bot, they deduct all payments previously made for this bot (within 3 months before the blocking) from the next payment to affiliates. This is insane! Affiliates should not be responsible for the fact that the room is not able to quickly identify bots. When a room bans a bot, usually the affiliate does not get paid for the bot for the current month. But no one makes retroactive deductions from the next payments. During the registration of a new player, an affiliate simply cannot know whether it is a bot or not. Many players use the referral link for the registration and do not even communicate with affiliates.

Looking at all these actions, we can only guess how PartyPoker will fuck us next time. In March 2019, PartyPoker charged us about $5 000 for the alleged bots that were playing under our affiliate program. We have no idea who these players are, but we had to pay for them from our own pocket. Given this kind of attitude of the room to the players and affiliates, we decided not to work with the thief-room anymore and we do not recommend anyone to register at PartyPoker. Trust us, there are plenty of decent and honest poker rooms out there.

PokerBroz does NOT recommend to play at PartyPoker

If you are playing at PartyPoker, you should decide for yourself whether you want to risk your funds or not. But we made our choice.

PartyPoker – Rest In Peace.

If you need help with selecting an alternative poker room, feel free to contact us via Skype V-POKERE.SUPPORT or Telegram: @faust137