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PioSOLVER Review and Key Features

PioSOLVER Key Features

PioSOLVER is the best tool for calculating Game Theoretical Optimum (GTO) in poker.

The GTO is based on the Nash equilibrium for building a game strategy. When using this strategy, all game decisions will always be balanced, regardless of how your opponent plays.

The actions of the latter will never influence the game result since they do not have a mathematical background.

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The PioSOLVER engine quickly processes all possible poker game situations on postflop such as the range, the sizes of stacks and the sizes of bets, etc.

PioSOLVER is the first tool of a new generation, the development of which allows players enjoying poker not intuitively, but based on in-depth mathematical analysis.

PioSOLVER answers the key questions for the most successful poker game:

  • Optimal betting frequency on the flop;
  • The best hands for semi-bluffs on any situation in the turn;
  • The most advantageous hands for the bluffs on the river;
  • The most favorable c-betting size on the flop, etc.

PioSOLVER computes the optimal strategies and calculates the exact values of each game in a particular situation. Moreover, all results are displayed in the most convenient form for the player.

The software is easy to use due to the intuitive navigation and perceptive PioVIEWER interface. PioSOLVER functionality simplifies the understanding of the GTO solutions in the best way and teaches how to analyze them correctly.

PioSOLVER software is available only in English. Below we are going to describe the cost of various paid packages, as well as the main features for players.

PioSOLVER Products Cost

PioSOLVER offers five different packages for working with the program:

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The free version goes with limited functionality. It helps calculating the best GTO solutions on the turn and the river quickly and efficiently. One flop solution function (QsJh2h) has been added to the free package recently. You can download PioSOLVER free easily and quickly on the official site of the software.

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PioSOLVER free is an ideal variant for exploring the program on home computers. The program quickly analyzes different game situations and provides optimal solutions.

The free package contains many features of paid packages, such as:

  • Full-featured range explorer (also works for flops);
  • Aggregation plugin allows analyzing all possible options for the river;
  • Analysis tools available include Node locking, Hotness, Rounding, and Solving with the rake.
  • Various tools for the game analysis include node rounding, locking.


The package price is $249. It contains most of the functions for calculating the best GTO solutions.

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Fast and fully functional GTO calculator. In addition to numerous free features, PioSOLVER

Basic allows carrying out all flop calculations. Six threads are available.

Main features:

  • Calculates flop/turn/river spots with additional bet sizes;
  • Contains the full version of the PioVIEWER tool;
  • Save/Load/Build trees option, selection of running time and accuracy of calculations;
  • Analysis tools: Node locking, Range explorer, and aggregation reports.


  • Maximum six threads for calculation of the game solutions are supported in this package;
  • Scripts are not supported;
  • Single device official license.


The package price is $300. PLOCalc is an advanced hand equity calculator for Omaha. The range explorer tool is additionally included.

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Main features:

  • Range against range equity for all combinations on the turn, river, flop, and preflop;
  • Convenient option to analyze, sort, and filter ranges based on equity, shape, and outs;
  • Range Explorer tool allows splitting the range by hands and outs;
  • Equity charts;
  • Perfect range selector tool and convenient filtering system.


  • Single device license.


The package price is $475. PioSOLVER PRO is the full-featured and the most advanced version of the GTO calculator on the market. It allows configuring all types of scripts.

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Main features:

  • Calculates flop/turn/river spots with additional bet sizes;
  • Contains the full version of the PioVIEWER tool;
  • Convenient option to analyze, sort, and filter ranges based on equity, shape, and outs;
  • All scripts are supported;
  • Tools for analysis: Node locking, range explorer, and various aggregation reports.


  • You can use up to 16 hardware threads;
  • Official license for two devices.


The package price is $1,099. PioSOLVER Edge is ideal for calculating the most appropriate GTO solutions for high rollers playing at the highest limits.

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Main features:

  • Full-featured preflop solver;
  • Priority in receiving updates with new options;
  • Priority 24/7/365 customer support;
  • The official license can be used without restrictions;
  • Supports the maximum number of threads;
  • Ability to customize the program for specific hardware.

You can always purchase a package with more advanced features. To do this, you need to pay the price difference.

PioSOLVER Payment

If you make up your mind to purchase one of the PioSOLVER paid packages, go to the package page and click “Add to Cart”.

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Only PayPal e-wallet can be used to pay for services. You must fill in all the required fields for financial information. Transactions are reliably protected from hacking via SSL-encryption.

PioSOLVER Key Features

PioSOLVER offers a significant number of tools for the most favorable calculation of the best GTO solutions in various poker situations. Let us specify the main ones.

Postflop tree building and calculation

PioSOLVER allows inserting any postflop tree you might desire. Therefore, the “Postflop tree building and calculation” tab makes it extremely easy.

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You can use this option in two ways:

  • You can input your own desired parameters from scratch using a convenient form;
  • Load and edit one of the ready-made templates.
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Multiple bet sizes

PioSOLVER allows every user choosing multiple bet sizes. It means that you are not limited to selecting two bet sizes at one decision point.

Therefore, you can build trees with several bet sizes at any point.

The only limit is that random-access memory should be available on your home computer.

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Saving a tree

When you have configured your tree, you can save it in a configuration file. Thus, you can easily access it later or share it with your poker colleagues and friends.

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Range Selection

PioSOLVER range selection option is very convenient and flexible. You can use it in three ways:

  • You can always select from pre-defined ranges;
  • You can modify the selection using a suitable graphical user interface;
  • You can save your ranges without problems to use or load them later.
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Building a tree

Building a tree with PioSOLVER is easy. Let us build a sample tree and do some calculations. We can use a 3bpot template with King of Spades, Nine of Hearts, and Three of Diamonds on the board.

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Then click the “Estimate tree size” button and you will see that the tree will take more than 5 GB of RAM.

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After it, you can click the “Build tree” button and in a few seconds, you will see the confirmation that your tree is done.

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Browser Tab

When our solution has reached the desired accuracy, we can stop the solver and move to the “Browser” tab. You can now see the EV of every hand in a particular spot in just one view.

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You can also see EV numbers. The strategy is shown as the color scheme.

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Using scripts, you can easily automate typical calculations. For example, you can select thirty textures for the flop, specify sizing, accuracy and the maximum calculation time.

After that, the PioSOLVER will perform all the necessary calculations.

Scripts are available only in the following paid packages – PioSOLVER Pro and PioSOLVER Edge.

Preflop packages

PioSOLVER offers ready-made preflop packages for the game. They will help you not to waste time on long-lasting calculations. This option is especially relevant for players with weak hardware.

Currently, they are available only for the full version of the software – PioSOLVER Edge.

This version of the program provides customers with ready-to-wear packages for multi-table tournaments.


PioSOLVER is one of the most commonly used tools for calculating GTO decisions in poker accurately. Using GTO strategies will help you to get as close to the optimal game as possible.

It should be noted that you need to make a huge amount of effort and work to improve personal poker skills outside the game table.

PioSOLVER will help you to calculate Nash equilibrium in all situations of playing postflop – on the river and on the turn as accurately as possible. PioSOLVER provides customers with important updates that this soft significantly upgrades useful functionality.

PioSOLVER will be a very valuable assistant for the experienced players.

Just use the program to the maximum and be the luckiest at the tables!

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