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Texas Hold’em and Omaha are the two most popular poker games. These types of poker, like all the others, are based on incomplete info. Any extra data about opponents can give any player a significant advantage.

Professional players actively use so-called trackers to get additional statistical info about the game. They have all the functionality that allows collecting info and display it in the form of specific data available for analysis.

There is a sufficient choice of such third-party statistics services. Poker Tracker is one of the most popular options. It can be used to generate statistics for the two most popular types of poker – Hold’em and Omaha.

We will mainly consider the latest version of this additional software – Poker Tracker 4. Players often use the abbreviation PT4, so will we.

Why Do You Need Poker Tracker 4?

Poker Tracker 4 is a beneficial program for poker players. It allows getting the game statistics of your opponents at the table in real-time. Using the Poker Tracker HUD, you can display statistics directly on the screen, near the corresponding opponents.

After the game is over, you will be able to analyze your skills, get different reports and diagrams, and analyze the strategies and behavior of your opponents. Due to this, you will learn to play more rationally, and achieve better results (win more money).

Where Can I Download Poker Tracker?

You can download Poker Tracker on the official site. The software is distributed not for a fee.

Poker Tracker official website is located at

Max Value Software owns the site and all the software. This company is also a developer of the main competitor of PT, the Hold’em Manager program.

See how the program site looks like:

The site has several software offers including:

  • Service for collecting statistics PT4;
  • Utility for efficiently multi-tabling TableNinja II;
  • Poker Tracker 3 is a previous version of the program with no available updates. It also does not work on Windows 10.

Download Poker Tracker in a special section of the official site:

On the site, you can buy Poker Tracker 4 for cash and get its free version for 30 days. In the second case, it is the so-called Poker Tracker 4 trial.

A paid license is available in two forms:

  1. Poker Tracker itself is a professional software without any restrictions on statistics collection;
  2. Small Stakes is a cheaper option that focuses on small bets.

Moreover, there are three different software packages:

  • Separately for Texas Hold’em;
  • Separately for Omaha;
  • A complete package with Hold’em and Omaha modules.

Each of these packages offers a professional and Small Stakes version. In Small Stakes version, you will not find statistics for the game at high limits. However, it is not always necessary to pay for Poker Tracker. You can get it for free in several ways.

Poker Tracker Trial is a trial version of the program with all the necessary functions. It will work for 30 days from the date of download and installation. After the trial period is completed, you will be required to pay for a full license. You will not be able to get statistics from the tracker.

Poker Tracker software supports only the English language. It is a significant difficulty for many users. There is no Russian version.

How to Get Poker Tracker 4 for Free?

There are three options to get free Poker Tracker:

  • Download the trial version from the official site for 30 days;
  • Poker Tracker free download pirated version of the software;
  • Get the full licensed version of the popular tracker from

The first option is the easiest. You will get a full-fledged program with all the necessary functionality. However, its work time will be limited. In 30 days since the Poker Tracker 4 installation, you will see a message from the developers with the request to buy a full license.

A trial version offer is a marketing tool from the developers. They hope that a player will download the software, like it, and buy the program in the future.

The second option is a persistent path chosen by recreational players and beginners in poker. Usually, they do not want to buy the software. They trust torrent trackers or file sharing sites.

You must always remember that downloading software from the mentioned resources you still run the risk. The so-called cracked Poker Tracker may be infected with a virus or trojan. If you install software with a virus, you risk losing a lot. After all, attackers will not only get access to your computer, but they can also hack your accounts in poker rooms or e-wallets.

However, there is another reason why we do not recommend using this method. There is a high probability that the hacked version of PT4 will not work correctly. As a result, you will get incorrect statistics and everlasting program crashes. The tracker can turn from a convenient tool into a burden that can directly lead to losing money.

The third option offered by our team is the most profitable, reliable, and safe.

Poker Tracker 4 With a Perpetual License – Free From Pokerbroz!

Each player who collaborates with us can get a free Poker Tracker from team. We will give you an official copy of the software just for playing poker! All you need to do is to play your favorite game using our site in proven poker rooms. In this case, you also will earn money.

We will select the best rooms for you, where you can win and get a new experience.

This option to get the Poker Tracker software is best suited for active players. When you get the number of hands you need, you will get a licensed copy of PT4 at once.

Cooperating with us you do not need to think about how to get the Poker Tracker Trial, as well as about various workarounds and software hacking. Everything will work from the box!

If you want to learn more about getting a safe and full version of Poker Tracker 4 from Pokerbroz, contact us on Skype V-POKERE.SUPPORT or Telegram: @AntonioSupport

Where Can You Use Poker Tracker 4?

The use of trackers and other statistics services is a crucial moment for poker rooms. Their owners know that players using such software get significant advantages in the game.

Therefore, some rooms allow the integration of additional software, while others prohibit it strictly. For example, PT and HM using is forbidden in the rooms whose philosophy is to create warm conditions for recreational players. These are such rooms as PokerMatch, Pokerdom and the rooms of the GGNetwork network.

Many prominent poker rooms support the Poker Tracker work. These are such famous brands as PokerStars, 888 poker, PartyPoker, RedStar, Titan Poker,, and many others.

Such networks as the iPoker Network, Microgaming Network, and Winning Poker Network allow using statistics trackers. Usually, the info about allowing/prohibiting additional software is available on the poker room terms of service.

If you are haven’t started to use trackers and HUD in these rooms yet, you should not be surprised that you can often lose. After all, opponents who use supporting analytical services always have an advantage.

Poker Tracker 4 Review

Poker Tracker 4 has a relatively simple interface. Everyone can understand it on an intuitive level. The software works stably and without glitches. Developers are continually updating PT according to various poker rooms changes.

Poker Tracker 4 is one of the leading apps to get more poker statistics. In terms of its popularity, it is second only to Hold’em Manager 2 (developed by the same company).

It should be noted that PT provides users with the broadest functionality that adequately copes with an extensive range of tasks. Poker Tracker is almost as good as Hold’em Manager, and in some ways even surpasses it.

If you doubt what is better – Hold’em Manager or Poker Tracker – then we recommend you to choose according to your preferences.

Poker Tracker Features

Poker Tracker 4 should be launched together with the poker room client. It uses the import of the previous hands, and also brings important game indicators into its database during the game.

The hand history of your opponents is analyzed, and you get a summary of the data directly at the table according to the HUD settings.

The program also supports mining, that is, the download of those hands in which the player himself was not directly involved.

Basic Functionality of Poker Tracker 4


All the fundamental statistical values ​​are integrated. They contain data about each street in hand. There are about a hundred indicators.

Advanced users can create their metrics using their calculations and formulas. They are easily added to the HUD.

Additional configuration of ready-made stats is a significant advantage of PT. No add-ons are needed for this.

Moreover, you can here it is possible to divide opponents into categories, using various indicators. It is very convenient for evaluating players at the table and allows you navigating quickly in a new environment.

Filter and Reporting System

Poker Tracker 4 allows tracking the entire range of hands played systematically. Therefore, you can get detailed reports on any hands you need. It is convenient for analyzing games with specific hands and in a particular position. It will also help you to understand the sizing better.

The program allows you displaying reports in various formats: diagrams, tables, etc.

Progressive HUD

Heads-up Display (HUD) is one of the most crucial tracker components. HUD shows data about each player at the table. Data is displayed right next to the player’s seat at the table after a few hands.

However, the HUD view from Poker Tracker 4 is easily customizable if you click on the stats, the popup windows with advanced statistics open.

Free Plugins for PT4

Poker Tracker 4 supports the work of four additional free modules that spread its functionality.

  • Note Tracker – automatic generation of notes about opponents according to prepared templates.
  • Leak Tracker is a plugin that gives essential info on the weak aspects of your game. He compares your skills with the typical characteristics of other poker players.
  • ICM simulator is an excellent thing for all multi-table tournaments fans. Uses ICM-model for making mathematically correct decisions.
  • Equity Calculator calculates the equity of your hand to opponent’s ones.

The Main Sifference Between PT4 and HM2

These programs are very similar to parameters and functions. It is a bit easier to deal with Hold’em Manager first. However, there are other essential points in which PT4 has more benefits.

The Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Poker Tracker:

  • The possibility to set up a program much better according to your personal needs. It is a beneficial feature for reports. If the Poker Tracker 4 setup is too complicated for you, you can use the Setup Assistant;
  • Users say that the HUD in PT4 is better displayed than that of the same HM2;
  • Constant updates and quick response to poker rooms updates;
  • Free relevant additional software modules – Leak Tracker and Auto Notes;
  • PT4 is less demanding on PC system resources and is it better optimized. If your PC is not very powerful, then you should better use this program to collect statistics.
  • Mining is a little bit different. The import in the tracker is slow, and the database is continually growing in size and takes up much disk space;
  • The ability to analyze your “luck” with different hands using “Luck Curve” function.

Poker Tracker 4 is a justly flexible program with extensive functionality and capabilities. It is convenient to set up, but it is not too easy to master at first.

In terms of price/performance, this statistics collector is one of the best solutions on the market. Moreover, if you play regularly, then owning PT/HM software is an indispensable part of poker success.

Join our community to get a licensed Poker Tracker 4 for free. Additionally, the Pokerbroz team has prepared other useful programs as a gift for you.

Do you still have any questions? Contact us on Skype V-POKERE.SUPPORT or Telegram: @AntonioSupport