1. there is short deck Hold’em (Texas 6+) on high limits;
  2. low level players;
  3. is a division of the same poker room in Macau;
  4. game is organized without clubs, as in classy rooms;
  5. game goes on real money, no chips;
  6. NL30 and above;
  7. only 3% rake on high limits.


At PokerKing China you don’t need register by yourself . We provide ready-made accounts. You can request account or get access to test-one to monitor the traffic in PokerKing China by contacting us via Skype:  live:kirill.vpokere.


As we already mentioned above, when you enter the PokerKing China client you will be able to access all the tables right away – no division into clubs here.

Normally grind starts in the afternoon European time, when there is evening in Southeast Asia.

The main traffic in PokerKing China goes to 8-max NLH tables. At the peak time, the following amount of tables are available (1 USD = 6.85 CNY):

  1. 1/2-2/4 CNY (NL30 -NL60) – over 40 tables;
  2. 5/10 CNY- 10/20 CNY (NL150 – NL300) – about 15 tables per limit;
  3. 25/50 CNY (NL750) – 8 tablesв;
  4. 50/100-100/200CNY (NL 1,5K-3K) – few tables can be found.

Macau is the birthplace of short deck Hold’em. Two years ago, it was introduced to the rest of the world by Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey. With the opening of PokerKing China, you gained access to play this kind of poker at high limits. There are almost always several tables from NL3K to NL30K.

Rakeback and bonuses

PokerKing China gives its players the opportunity to take part in the jackpot hunt. The current amount of jackpot for given limit is displayed above the table participating in this promotion.

A certain part of the prize is given to those players who gathered following combinations with their starting hand and performed the showdown:

  1. Royal flush – 50%;
  2. Straight flush – 20%;
  3. 4 Aces – 5%.


PokerKing China has no other additional bonuses and rakeback.

Deposit and cashout

Players at PokerKing China perform all transactions with the help of our managers. For this, you can use Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney or Bitcoin. The minimum deposit is $ 1,500.

Cashout can be ordered after the 15th and 30th day of each month. The money comes within 2-3 days.


The commission in PokerKing China, like in most Asian poker apps, is taken only from winning players after the expiration of the game time at a certain table. The size of the rake depends on the limit:

  1. Low – 5%;
  2. Mid – 4%;
  3. High – 3%.


  1. only chinese software;