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Push Fold Chart Review and Key FeaturesEvaluate the soft and traffic in your working time

Push Fold Chart Review and Key Features

Push Fold Chart Review

All experienced poker players already know that to be successful in online poker, you should use all available online instruments for analyzing your poker gaming. In this post, you will know all the essential info about the push-fold chart poker tool.

The push-fold chart is a perfect tool to be used while participating in Hold’em poker tournaments. The principal goal of this instrument is to assist players in choosing the best game strategy on a short stack. That is why the maximum effect from push-fold charts can be reached while playing poker tournaments because they usually end in the dangerous all-in or fold stage.

As you know, stack in poker indicates the total number of chips a player has at the table and can use to make bets. In Holdem poker tournaments, the stack size is determined by the settings of each tournament, but most often it varies from 1,500 to 3,000 chips. When a player loses his stack, he/she is eliminated from the tournament. Therefore, when talking about a short stack, we mean a player who has less than 100 Big Blinds in a given cash game. Therefore, a short stacker needs to rebuy to stay in the game. And it is a push fold chart that will help to choose the best strategy for short stackers.

Push-fold charts help to solve hand range with the help of math. They are arranged in a simple diagram, which should help you to play on preflop in the most successful way while participating in tournaments. In other words, when you are on a short stack or in push/fold mode, you have only two possible decisions on preflop – to fold or go all-in.

One of the best advantages of push fold charts is that you can use them during the game itself. It will help you to turn into s short stack guru quickly!

How does a push fold chart can help in a poker game?

As we have already mentioned, the main principle of push chart work is based on math. They offer pre-designed ranges for every hand. With the help of push fold charts, you can play all hands in the best way via the GTO strategy. Push fold chart helps you to be ahead of your rival`s range. This ideal mathematical module accounts for your equity when called. Moreover, owing to the push fold chart, you will know in advance which hands to fold or to shove.

Consequently, push fold charts are extremely valuable instruments that help you to identify the exact hands you need to play in any prearranged position with a particular depth of the stack. Therefore, depending on your position and the size of the stack, push-fold charts do the best to provide you with the most winning gaming options in poker tournaments.

How to make use of push fold charts in the best way?

Push fold charts must be used in a short stack game when your gaming options are limited to folding or going all-in.

A push fold chart is limited to the maximum of 10 big blinds.

However, in some situations, you can go all-in up to fifteen or more big blinds. That is why a push fold chart can be extended to deepen a depth of the stack.

Push-fold charts modifications

We have already explained that push fold charts are one of the most important and working instruments to be successful while playing various poker tournaments. However, you should know that push fold charts should be used together with other tools for poker analyses such as FlopZilla or Holdem indicator. It is just a worthy recommendation from experienced poker players. Additionally, push-fold charts never account for such important aspects as еру table difficulty, hourly rate, etc.

Consequently, it is recommended that you should slightly adapt your folding/pushing ranges when you are in a certain situation at the table, which allows you taking advantage of your rivals’ style of playing poker.

There are some situations at the table, when you may have a certain desire to play alternatively. For example, you may feel like folding to a jam when your rival is playing exceptionally straightforwardly. Such an advantageous situation allows you stealing reasonably and not jeopardizing your own stack.

There is no single strategy allowing winning in all poker games. So, short stackers can modify push fold charts when they have ten or more big blinds. Depending on a particular situation at the table, you can expand or narrow your range by shoving, raising, or folding.

Alongside this, experienced players keep on reminding that you should practice much to get the necessary experience to modify push fold charts in the best way to take full advantage of your edge. Never expect that you will always win just after you have downloaded a push fold chart.

Therefore, to master push fold charts, you need to take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Analyze field difficulty

There are situations when you play in a so-called soft field. Thus, you may have a great desire of pushing with a narrower range, while waiting for the most favorable handicap. On the other hand, if your rivals over-fold, it is high time for you to go all-in wider and steal the big blinds.

  • Consider the given size of your stack

In a certain situation when behind you there are plenty of big stacks, which may force you to shove, you may desire to go all-in with a narrower range. In different circumstances, when you have many short stacks behind you, it is recommended that you should keep calm, control your anger, and go all-in somewhat wider.

Therefore, you should better use the mentioned aspects in a poker tournament to choose the most favorable push-fold strategy on a short stack.


Now you know the main principle of the push fold chart work and how it can help you while participating in poker tournaments. It is an ideal instrument for all poker players who desire to improve poker skills and, therefore, pocket good money.

A push fold chart will undoubtedly help to boost equity in any short stacked game.

We recommend that you should download push fold charts now and try to use them while playing poker. Therefore, as your stack size changes during the game, you will always have the best decision in every unique situation.