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As a popular method of rewarding players, rakeback was first used in 2004. Since that time, rooms have been snatching power one from another to offer the most attractive extra cash prize. That is why the detailed info about cashback is significant for those gamblers who desire to become professional poker players and to pocket good money. PokerBroz offers gamblers only those sites which provide the best amount of extra cash rewards.

What is rakeback?

Poker rooms offer it both to attract new gamblers and to encourage existing players to stay loyal and well-motivated. Many players keep on interesting in what is it and how vital it is for playing poker successfully? PokerBroz team is here to explain it in details.

First, let us briefly explain the term “rake” to understand the idea of a rakeback deal. Rake is a percentage of a real money game, MTT, or SNG which directly goes to a poker website. When you start to play poker for cash, you immediately generate rake. The standard rake is 3-5% in most casinos. Rakeback is an additional cash prize from online gambling sites. In this way, they return a percentage of players` produced rake back. There are three main methods to estimate it in all poker games:

Dealt rakeback

All players which are dealt any hand receive this reward. For example, a site offers 10% rake and 25% rakeback. There are five players at the table with a $1,000 pot. The poker site takes $100 as a rake. Thus, 25% of rake is $25. This sum is shared between all players. Therefore, you will get $5 as a dealt rakeback. So, if you play not many hands, it is a better solution for you.

Contributed rakeback

It is a more advanced version of rakeback deals. Every gambler gets additional cash prize as a percentage of his/her size of all bet placed, and not from the total pot. The more you bet the more rakeback you receive. For example, if you bet $100 in one hand, a poker site takes $10 rake. In this case, you will get 25% rakeback – $2.5.

Progressive rakeback

It is a mixture of above-mentioned deals. In this case, a rakeback amount is based on the total hands you play. If you play more hands, it enlarges progressively. Thus, when you generate more rake, you will receive more rakeback. Progressive rakeback is more advantageous for regulars and MTT players.

What is a rakeback amount at PokerBroz?

PokerBroz provides clients with over forty reliable poker rooms. They offer such options:

  • Americas Cardroom. The standard rakeback at this poker site is 27%. It is a typical amount for most rooms. Americas Cardroom offers to participate in the VIP program (Elite Benefits). Thus, you can get up to 45%.
  • Poker Stars. For each hand played at this room, a gambler gets poker points. They allow receiving from 12% to 74% of extra cash.
  • Betonline. This poker room hides its rakeback amount. However, if you cooperate with V-Pokere, you will get extra cash prizes.
  • Poker King. Your additional cash at this room directly depends on VIP status. The more rake you generate, the more points you receive. Maximum percentage at Poker King reaches 70%.
  • 888poker. To get an extra cash in this room, players should collect points. When you reach a new level, you will be awarded gold tokens. You can convert them to cash prizes. It allows a player to get 10% rakeback in 888poker.
  • Bodog. Rakeback at this online casino is calculated on poker points. You can get one dollar for 100 awarded points.
  • Pokerdom. Regular players can participate in a lucrative loyalty program. You need to collect play points, and then exchange them into cash. The more you play the higher rakeback you get.

Experience shows that many players select rooms according to rake size. Such a strategy does not seem strange, especially when you continually play at more than ten tables at the same time.


PokerBroz offers only the most reliable poker rooms which provide players with the best line of rakeback deals. This type of awarding players is a good way to earn additional cash. You can use it for making higher stakes or for withdrawing. We provide gamblers only with unique deals allowing boosting win rate. And remember – PokerBroz affiliates always pay on time!


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