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Several years ago 9max poker games were very popular in 90% of online casinos. However, things have changed drastically. As of 2020, full ring or nine maximum tables can be met less often in poker rooms. Presently, Asian, American, Brazilian, Canadian, Italian, and Russian players are regularly engaged in nine max games. Therefore, if you desire to pocket good cash while playing on PokerBroz rooms, continue reading the post to get the details on nine max games.

Rooms with 9-max tables on

6-max tables in regular format have the largest share of traffic in contemporary poker rooms. That is why 9-max tables have already become a rare event. We can fully understand the logic of the players. The matter is that the gaming process at 9-max tables is much slower than at 2-max, 3-max, 4-max, or 6-max tables. Therefore, many players hate playing at such online casinos because of the lower rake generation rate. As of 2020, you can 100% get a regular traffic on full ring tables in all rooms of the Winning Poker and Chico Networks.

Below you will find reliable poker rooms with 9max tables. PokerBroz experts checked each room for fairness. Each room operates under the official gambling license. It means that you can safely enjoy the gaming process and concentrate on the game.


Pokerstars is considered the largest online poker community on the Web. Here you can enjoy the most sophisticated soft among all other rooms. At any time, you can find lots of action at 9max poker tables in Omaha, Holdem, as well as Zoom poker, MTT, Sit & Go, and Spin & Go. The room supports trackers and offers convenient payment methods.


It is the second-biggest poker room. It was founded in 2002. Now it operates under Gibraltar license. The number of cash players often reaches 800-1200 players per hour. The most extensive traffic can be observed starting at 8 p.m. CET. You can play Holdem and Omaha at various limits. Here you can participate in numerous SNG cash games.

Americas Cardroom

It is the most popular online poker room in the United States. Americas Cardroom belongs to the WPN. Players can enjoy No Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha. You can find 5-7 nine maximum poker tables at any time. Buy-ins starts at $0.01/$0.02. You can find 2-4 tables at NL50-NL100 limits. 1-3 nine-max tables on NL600 can be found at peak hours. A PLO table can also be found after 6 a.m. CET (evening on North American Time).

Black Chip Poker

Black Chip Poker positions itself as the largest online poker community for the US players. Here you can find more than 90% of American fish with deep pockets. The room offers a pleasant and convenient gaming process owing to sophisticated software and the newest technologies. So, you will be able not only to enjoy the process but also to pocket good cash. The room offers to play at 24 nine maximum tables simultaneously. You can find continuous action at NLHE and PLO at any time. This room offers one of the best traffics for Pot Limit Omaha at PLO100-PLO400 limits. You can deposit and withdraw in cryptocurrency.

Poker King

It is one of the most popular rooms of the Winning Poker Network. The site was founded in 2011. Now it officially operates under the gambling license of Curacao. Here you can play versus fat fish from the USA, Spain, Turkey, and Canada. A good traffic starts at 8 p.m. CET. You can always find a couple of 9-maximum tables with NLHE and PLO. You can deposit and withdraw using credit cards, e-wallets, and Bitcoin.

Pros of 9max tables

  • A perfect choice for beginners.
  • An accurate game that allows waiting for a strong hand.
  • Slow game speed allows thinking about the game strategy watchfully.
  • 9-max poker is more straightforward. Due to the rarer blinds, 9max players can wait for strong hands for 3-bet/4-bet (reraise and rereraise).


So, bro, what are you waiting for? Now you have the list of the most reliable online poker rooms with nine maximum tables. If you adore playing at tables with many gamblers on the table, now you have a great chance to do it. All is simple. You just need to select a poker room on PokerBroz, sign up, get a good bonus, and enjoy the game. You can never know whether a room suits you until you try it!


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