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A poker HU, HUD, or heads up display has recently become very popular among all professional players. It is a friendly app which generates data and shows you all the necessary statistics about your gaming opponents. Headsup is placed on the top of your table. Using its data, you can see the full history of your rivals` games. PokerBroz team is sure that this valuable info can help you achieve better results in the game.

What is poker heads up display?

The online poker industry has been expanding quickly and various assistance tools have also been developing rapidly. They allow increasing your win rate greatly and pocketing much more cash. While you are playing, HU saves your instant statistics. The tracking soft works together with your card client storing all important data on each hand played. All the info collected by trackers is displayed near every gambler at the table. It offers you to investigate both your opponents` game style and your status.

When you carefully analyze all data collected by tracking soft, you will be able to review your hand history; study ups and downs, and check up invisible leaks in your game style. Moreover, trackers allow studying the aggressive factor of your competitors.

Pros of using Heads Up while playing poker

  • A perfect chance to self-study in poker by reviewing own playable hands in a very ordered manner;
  • Over 95% of poker winners always use HU;
  • A superior opportunity to exploit your gaming rivals;
  • Playing poker with HU allows taking great advantage of your opponents because you can see all their previous mistakes;
  • Headsup is a great tool for multi-table players. When you play at several tables, a heads up display immediately turns into a necessity;
  • Using head up enhances friendship when you play poker games together against someone.

Best Headsup rooms at PokerBroz

Currently, PokerBroz offers all poker friends to play cash games at sites with a head up. Keep on reading to get the valuable info on the most popular rooms with HUDs.

Black Chip Poker

This site offers HUD to play all cash games. Black Chip Poker also gives green light to using such poker trackers as Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker. Overall, the card room frankly supports the usage of HUD.

Americas Cardroom

The website encourages players to use HU to play Seven-card Stud, Texas Holdem, Omaha, Sit & Go, Multi-table tournaments, and Jackpot poker Spin & Go. Moreover, the room allows using Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker.

Tiger Gaming

The site does not allow using specific trackers. Tiger gaming has a convenient Chico hand converter which supports heads up and gives players` statistics for all card rooms in Chico network.

Poker Stars

Poker Stars has had a difficult relationship with HU recently because more than 80% of pros simply exploit gaming soft to play unfair games. Currently, Poker Stars allows using only particular HUDs while some heads up are strictly banned (AssassinatorHUD, Holdem Manager 1, Poker Push Bot, Omaha Checker, etc.).


At Bodog, you can use HU to play Texas Holdem, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Omaha Hi. You can play only at four tables at a time. To use heads up in trackers and to be able to save your hands` history, you should employ a hand converter (Bodog Poker Catcher, and Ignition/Bovada HUD). Thus, hand history is converted in live mode. 6-max/9-max tables are also supported.


888poker is a HU-friendly website. It also supports Holdem Manager 2 and Poker Tracker 4. Such options allow players getting as much valuable info about their opponents as possible. In the “My profile” tab, you can always download the history of played games.  Please note that this poker site cherishes friendship with its players. Thus, even though the site bosses are strictly against using HUDs, they never forbid them.


So, you can invite your friend and play popular card games at one of the online casinos offered by PokerBroz. And remember – to earn good cash you will not only need a great piece of luck but also a perfect knowledge of gaming strategies and the history of your opponents` playable hands in the past. Choose any of the poker affiliates at PokerBroz and use heads up to gain the maximum advantage of the game.


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