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Poker has already turned into one of the best sorts of online entertainment. Omaha is a popular variety of this game which is played by millions of people worldwide. That is why PokerBroz has selected and tested the most trustworthy card rooms on the Web. Our team cooperates with each site and we are completely sure in the rooms we offer. Continue reading to know more about Omaha at PokerBroz.

What is Omaha Holdem?

Omaha Holdem is a trendy card game which is played in all top casinos. In many aspects, it is similar to Taxes. To some observers, the rules of the game may seem quite simple. Up to ten players can participate in the game at the same time. The dealer has a French deck consisting of 52-cards. Players receive four cards. Each player should make the best hand with the help of two dealt cards and three community cards. However, in real life, you need to practice a lot to become a real professional. Don’t forget to master psychology to bluff successfully.

Omaha rooms at PokerBroz

As a reputable gambling advisor, PokerBroz offers Omaha Holdem. Statistics shows that more than 60% of players are sure that Omaha proposes better hands compared to other poker types.  That is why we have carefully selected the best poker rooms which offer this game. Please, scroll down the post to get the details.

In this room, you are supposed to play against American housewives or greedy amateur businessmen. The traffic is stable all the time. The room uses progressive and convenient Connective Games software. Here you can play Omaha on low, medium, and high limits.

Unibet Poker

This room offers high anonymity while playing against the softest fish. Several variants of Omaha are available. You can change your nickname or avatar all the time. You can play at several tables simultaneously.

Bodog Poker

This poker room provides players with weak fields at rather high stakes. The regulars’ amount is small on this site. Here you can enjoy great traffic in MMT and cash tables. The room offers to play Omaha Hi-Lo and Omaha Hi (fixed-limit, no-limit, and pot-limit 6-max and 9-max tables).

Poker Stars

Poker Stars uses the most trustworthy gaming software. It supports trackers. You can enjoy several types of Omaha including traditional SNG tournaments. Playing on high stakes is welcomed. The traffic is always high. You can even find over 15,000 players in peak hours.

Tiger Gaming

This is a popular room among American and Canadian fish. Though traffic is not that high, on average, you can find up to 600 players at the tables at almost any time. The site offers Omaha Hi-Lo and Pot-Limit Omaha. At cash tables, stakes start from $ 0.50 to $ 30.

Omaha software

PokerBroz offers all poker fans to use the best software among all cardgames. Many rooms allow using additional gambling software and trackers. On this site, you will find only playable and tested soft to help you get the maximum result for a single game. Though good poker software requires payment, we offer it at no cost. Presently, PokerBroz offers to use the following software:

  • PokerMaster HUD Converter. It offers 99,8% truthful HUD on almost all Chinese poker sites. It gives the best results for Pot-Limit Omaha.
  • 888poker and Microgaming layout. It is a convenient tool for making your gaming more attractive and vivid. The 888-poker client lobby has plenty of useful features for Omaha (Quick seat, Favorites, SNG, Tournaments, Live Events, etc.).
  • PokerKing, Chico, and Planetwin365 Layout. These are functional tools to get all Omaha statistics on time (hands history, converter, equity, players’ status, etc.).
  • Poker Tracker PT4. It is an ideal online tool to receive all the obligatory data for Omaha Holdem in real-time.
  • Advanced Poker Tools. This instrument helps to select the best hands while playing.


If you a true Omaha fan and you are fond of reliable gaming, go to PokerBroz and find an appropriate site. If you want to do well in the game and take the house, you should study the best poker strategies and recommendations for players. Then you are welcomed to select a poker website from our list, register, and do your best to make jack. Wish you to be in luck’s way!


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