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BestPoker (GG)

Game in a weak field with good traffic and convenient software
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Weak field supported by the network
Non-stop promotions from the room - rake races, missions, etc.
Good NLHE and PLO traffic
Fast and convenient software
+ Licensed poker-room
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Bestpoker (GG) BONUSES

The room offers a first-deposit bonus of 100% up to $2000.You will have 90 days to clear the bonus. This bonus requires activation – after the deposit you need to open «My Bonuses» tab in the cashier, select «Welcome Bonus» and activate it.

Al-In or Fold JackPot is played at the corresponding tables. For making a straight-flush in Holdem or royal-flush in Omaha the player receives a certain percent of the jackpot (for not it’s almost $445,000). The percentage depends on the stakes played.

Tap to see the table
GameBlindsPayout (%)
Hold’em$5 / $101%
Omaha$4 / $80.8%
Hold’em$2 / $40.5%
Omaha$1 / $20.4%
Hold’em$0.50 / $10.1%
Omaha$0.25 / $0.500.08%
Hold’em$0.10 / $0.250.02%

New loyalty program «Fish Buffet»

After the launch of the new rewards program you must activate it in the client by clicking the «Opt-in» button. You will receive special Fish Buffet points (FB) for playing real money games. 1 FB point = 1 cent of the rake.

There are 25 different levels, 8 statuses and «Wheel of Fortune»

Each new level is opened only if you collect the required number of FB in time. For each achievement you get the opportunity to scroll on a special wheel rewards Fish Buffet. The higher the level, the bigger the prizes! For every achievement you get the opportunity to run the «Wheel of Fortune». The higher the level – the bigger the prizes!

If you fail to accumulate the required amount of FP in time, then FP for this level disappear and your status is reduced to the previous one. But at the same time you will get a 10% cashback from the number of FP that burn.

Important information:

  • The next level of the Fish Buffet system always opens automatically. You won’t stay in one place and will always be in the process of achieving a higher status;
  • You can’t take a break or get the extra time to reach the level;
  • «Wheel of fortune» becomes available only after reaching the next level;
  • If you fail to achieve the next status – you will always get a fixed 10% cashback regardless of how much FP was missing to achieve the goal.
Tap to see the table
StatusLevelFPs to Earn (for each level)Time Limit (for each level)Prize Range (for each level)Expected Cashback%
Plankton50024 hours$0.50 ~ $1.5015%
Shrimp1,00024 hours$1 ~ $320%
GoldfishBronze1,50024 hours$1.50 ~ $622%
GoldStarting Level28%
CrabBronze5,00072 hours$5 ~ $2528%
OctopusBronze15,0007 days$15 ~ $9032%
WhaleBronze40,00015 days$40 ~ $32040%
SharkBronze100,00030 days$100 ~ $1,00045%
VIP300,00090 days$300 ~ $3,00050%


All rake is paid by the player who lost the pot.

In Holdem the rake is 5%.

Tap to see the table
BlindsBuy-inRake per PotPake Cap for 2 playersRake Cap for 3+
$0.05 / $0.10$1 ~ $10$0.01 for each $0.20 in pot$1$3
$0.10 / $0.25$5 ~ $25$0.01 for each $0.20 in pot$1$5
$0.25 / $0.50$20 ~ $50$0.05 for each $1 in pot$1$5
$0.50 / $1$50 ~ $100$0.10 for each $2 in pot$3$5
$1 / $2$100 ~ $200$0.20 for each $4 in pot$5$8
$2 / $4$200 ~ $400$0.40 for each $8 in pot$7$10
$3 / $6$500 ~ $1.000$1 for each $20 in pot$8$15
$5 / $10$1.000 ~ No Max$2 for each $40 in pot$10$20

In Omaha – 3%.

Tap to see the table
BlindsBuy-inRake per Pot (%)
$0.05 / $0.10$1 ~ $103%
$0.10 / $0.25$2.5 ~ $253%
$0.25 / $0.50$5 ~ $503%
$0.50 / $1$10 ~ $1003%
$1 / $2$20 ~ $2003%
$2 / $4$40 ~ $4003%
$3 / $6$100 ~ $1.0003%

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