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The room has its own VIP-system, which is based on Poker Points (PTS). Points are accumulated for participating in cash games and tournaments.

For every $1 of rake in MTT/SNG players receive 3 PTS.

In cash games PTS is accumulated by the following rules:

  • $1 of rake and more: 1 Poker Point;
  • $0.50 – $0.99: 0.5 Poker Points;
  • $0.25 – $0.49: 0.25 Poker Points;
  • $0.05 – $0.24: 0.1 Poker Points;
  • $0.01 – $0.04: 0.05 Poker Points.

Accumulated Poker Points (PTS) can be exchanged for tournament tickets and cash. For example, 100 PTS can be exchanged for $1 of cash.

Room offers a first deposit bonus – 100% up to $1000 which gives about 12% of rakeback. You will have 60 days to clear the bonus. The bonus is paid in 10 steps according to the following rules:

Tap to see the table
Step PTS Bonus amount
1 50 $10
2 100 $20
3 150 $30
4 200 $40
5 500 $75
6 1,000 $125
7 1,500 $150
8 2,000 $150
9 2,500 $200
10 2,500 $200
Total 10,500 $1,000

After accumulating the amount of PTS required for the corresponding step you need to contact the support via official site.


Even though Bodog88 is kind of unfriendly to regulars (we are talking about the technical restriction on the number of opened tables), it has a surprisingly small rake.

For cash games rake is 5% with the following caps:

  • at limits up to NL25 – from $0.5 to $2;
  • at limits from NL25 – from $1 to $4.

The exact size of the cap depends on the number of players at the table.

In MTT rake ranges from 7.5% to 10% and in SNG –  from 5% to 10%.

V-POKERE offers additional benefits for playing at Bodog88. Feel free to contact our managers via Skype V-POKERE.SUPPORT or Telegram: @AntonioSupport

Rakeback and Bonuses

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