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RAKEBACK AND BONUSES offers two types of bonuses which together give more than 25% of rakeback.

Bonus builder

The new loyalty system is based on the fact that players need to collect a certain amount of points every week (2 points – €1 rake). In order to participate you need to register.

In the poker client in the promotions menu, select Bonus Builder and click on “opt-in”. The procedure must be repeated every week. In the client in the promotions menu you need to select the Bonus Builder and click on «Opt-in». This needs to be done every week.

Bonus Builder payments are made according to the following table:

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Points BonusPoints Bonus
500Є 502.600Є 260
600Є 602.800Є 280
700Є 703.000Є 300
800Є 803.200Є 320
900Є 903.400Є 340
1.000Є 1003.600Є 360
1.200Є 1203.800Є 380
1.400Є 1404.000Є 400
1.600Є 1604.200Є 420
1.800Є 1804.400Є 440
2.000Є 2004.600Є 460
2.200Є 2204.800Є 480
2.400Є 2405.000+Є 500

A bonus of any size gives a 20% rakeback.

Accumulated points can be used to purchase additional bonuses in the special store called b’inside. It offers 8 different cash bonuses from €5 to €2,000. You will have 90 days to clear any of them. The bigger the bonus – the more rakeback it gives (from 5% to 20%).

But considering kind of lower traffic we wouldn’t recommend you to purchase big bonuses, simply because you won’t find enough action.


  • Up to NL5 – 6.2%;
  • from NL10 to NL20 – 5.8%;
  • from NL25 to NL100 – 6.25%;
  • NL200 and higher -5.5%.

Rake caps:

Tap to see the table
2 players1.25Є
3-4 players from NL 2 to NL 101.00Є
3-4 players from NL 20 to NL 2002.00Є
3-4 players NL 400+3.00Є
5+ players from NL 2 to NL 102.00Є
5+ players from NL 20 to NL 503.00Є
5+ players from NL 100+3.25Є

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Bonuses and Rakeback

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