1. Very weak field filled with Italians only;
2. Good traffic at low and medium limits for a room of this size.
3.  Bumhunt possibility at high limits.
4. High rakeback for regulars.


The game goes through Italian accounts, which we can provide to players. Also Italian VPN is needed.
To get an account write us in Skype: V-POKERE.SUPPORT


The International Poker Network Italy is located at the 40’s networks and rooms by cash traffic. The peak in Lottomatica Poker is during the classic time for Europe – late evening. The overwhelming part of it goes to 6-max Hold’em tables. There also are fewOmaha tables and even some for Stud and Card draw.

At the micro-limits (up to NL10 inclusive), more than 30 tables are available. As for a bit higher limits (NL25-NL100) there are from 5 to 10 tables per limit. If we go higher (NL200-NL400), during the prime time, there also is some action  on 1-3 tables. On high limits (up to NL1k) the game is encountered periodically.

As for PLO, there are up to 10 tables at all limits where most of them are up to PLO50 included.


Rakeback and Bonuses

VIP-system – Premium Club

Similar to the old FTP system. For every cent of the rake you get 1 status point (punto Status). Vip levels (a total of 8) you can get, depending on your activity during 7, 30 and 100 days.

Collect the indicated number of status points each day during the specified period, and get a new VIP level. The higher your level, the more you get bonus points (Punti Bonus), which you can use for cashback. For each level there is a different bonus points multiplayer.

The sizes of cashback bonuses and the number of bonus points for them differs for each level.

The biggest bonus is 55% rakeback.



Rake is 6.25% up to NL100 included, on higher limits – 5.55%.

Deposit and cashout

All the transactions go through us. Normally it takes up to 5 days.


1. VPN is a must.
2. High rake.

Have questions left? Write in Skype: V-POKERE.SUPPORT