1) Very weak field of 100% Italian reservation;
2) Good traffic at low and mid limits on 5-max cash and HU. Game with weak opponents up to NL2k;
3) Some traffic at Omaha;
4) Free VPN for our players;
5) Free converter also in addition;
6) Full guarantee on funds safety from PokerBroz.


Since the People’s Poker Network is completely closed to players from other countries, you can only play on the Italian account that we will provide to you. To get one please write in Skype:  V-POKERE.SUPPORT


People’s Poker Network is in TOP-30 poker rooms and networks. At peak hours, there are up to 3000 people at the tables. The main peculiarity of People’s Poker is that the main ones are 5-max and HU tables. The 5-max prevail at the limits up to NL50 inclusive, the HU – on all higher ones, up to NL2k. At low and mid limits, the game is almost always there. In the evening at People’s Poker, there are up to 50 NL2-5 tables, up to 30 – NL10, up to 20 – NL25 and about 10 on NL50.

There also is some traffic at low and mid limits in Omaha.

People’s Poker was originally created as a tournament network. But even now, having good traffic on cash, it has a lot of MTT of low and mid limits, and they are not turbo or rebuying ones, as in Dollaro or Enet, they are good structured freez-outs with. The most expensive tournaments roll with buy-in 50-75 euros and guarantee of up to 10,000 euros.


Deposit and cashout

All payments go through us. The minimum deposit is 300 euros.
Cashout is on request and takes 1-2 days.


Rake is 5.15-6.67%, with cap from 1 to 6 EUR.


1) Converter for HM is needed
2) High rake
3) VPN is a must

Have question left? Write us in Skype: V-POKERE.SUPPORT