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Pokerstars ES bonuses are a great chance to get additional benefits in the game. Take advantage of all the available offers to get extra funds for the game, as well as tickets for profitable tournaments.

€40 Extra Play on the first deposit bonus

Deposit minimum €10, and get a €40 Extra Play bonus. The bonus is awarded in the form of tickets for numerous Spin & Go events. You can win over €50,000 on each table.

To get the bonus, you need to deposit € 10 and enter the special code SPAIN40. Tickets will be counted within five days from the deposit date.

  • Day 1: 4 x € 1 Spin & Go (SAG) tickets – 4 chances to win up to €10,000;
  • Day 2: 5 x € 1 SAG tickets – 5 chances to win up to €10,000;
  • Day 3: 6 x € 1 SAG tickets – 6 chances to win up to €10,000;
  • Day 4: 2 x € 5 SAG tickets – 2 chances to win up to €50,000;
  • Day 5: 3 x € 5 SAG tickets – 3 chances to win up to €50,000.

If you do not have an account on the Pokerstars ES, create it right now following the instructions above, make a deposit, and get 20 tickets within five days.

Important note! You need to use the tickets within 21 days from the deposit date. After that, they will be cancelled. Bonus tickets cannot be exchanged for money. In case you want to withdraw your winnings in the period of tickets availability, you will lose this bonus.

TRIO Series for players in Portugal, France and Spain

Each player can win a share of more than €7,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools in the Pokerstars series for players in Portugal, France, and Spain. The series will include Omaha and Hold’em tournaments. It will be held from May 26 to June 10. Users will be able to participate in 180 events, including the Main Event with a guaranteed prize of € 500,000 (June 9).

Satellites are running now on the most profitable events of the series, including special freerolls and Spin & Go.

Every time you deposit in any of TRIO Series events, you earn points and compete in the Player of the Series Leader Board. The Leader Board winner will get a prize of €5,000. There are two Leader Boards. For players who participate in events with buy-ins of less than € 20, and for gamblers who play tournaments with € 20 or more.

UFC Stars Rewards promo with the ability to win up to €25,000

From May 20 to June 9, you can participate in UFC Stars Rewards promo. The main goal is to create special puzzles UFC. Users can receive up to €25,000.

To win up to €25,000, you need to start your UFC Stars Rewards puzzle. In every chest, you will find puzzle pieces. The rarest puzzle pieces will allow you winning €25,000.

Complete any of the puzzle rows and get instant prizes. These are tournament tickets or cash prizes.

Active the promo on the tab of your tasks in the client program.

Win a million euros in Spin & Go

Become a millionaire in a minute. Participate in a special tournament of €1 Million Spin & Go. Tables are available with €5 and €25 buy-ins. Three players participate. The winning sum is determined randomly in the center of the table before the game starts.

Spin & Go tournaments are held in an ultra-fast Hyper-Turbo format. Each player has a short stack of 500 chips. The winner takes everything, except for the draws with one of the three largest amounts (including a million euros) falls. In games with huge sums, each player gets a large sum.

See the size of the prize, and its probability in the tournament with €5 buy-ins:

Tap to see the table
Є1.000.000 (plus Є100.000 each for runners-up)1 in 10.000.000
Є1.000 (plus Є100 each for runners-up)300 in 10.000.000
Є500 (plus Є50 each for runners-up)750 in 10.000.000
Є12510.000 in 10.000.000
Є5050.000 in 10.000.000
Є30800.000 in 10.000.000
Є201.685.051 in 10.000.000
Є107.453.898 in 10.000.000

Stars Rewards Program

Each player can get extra Pokerstars es registration bonuses for participation in the Stars Rewards promo program. It is not exactly a traditional loyalty program. It is more suitable for beginners than regular players. You get rewards for performing various tasks. Prizes are different: tournament tickets, game money, points, etc.

After receiving the required number of points, you complete the progress bar. When it is completed, a player can open the bonus chest. There are six different levels, each of which corresponds to the chests of different colors.

You can check all current prizes on the “My Stars” tab in the client program.

Prizes are in the form of chests that open after completing the progress bar. There are six types:

Tap to see the screenshot

Under each chest, you can find a range of prizes in monetary terms. When you open the chest, you can get the award.

The Stars Rewards has various levels that determine the value of received bonuses. To keep the current level, a player should get at least one chest in a month. Collect at least ten chests to jump to the next level.

Among other benefits, the Stars Rewards gives tickets to Spin-and-God with up to €5,000.

You can get the Stars Rewards points only in those games where you take the rake. The number of points is calculated differently in various game formats.

See the probability of getting cash prizes in chests from Stars Rewards:

Tap to see the table
Є5.0005 in 1.000.000
Є100250 in 1.000.000
Є50500 in 1.000.000
Є102.500 in 1.000.000
Є515.000 in 1.000.000
Є3100.000 in 1.000.000
Є2143.255 in 1.000.000
Є1738.490 in 1.000.000

It is not easy to calculate the rakeback in the Star Rewards program. Approximate calculations declare it is 10%.

Pokerstars ES Freerolls does not offer such a rich selection of free tournaments as the main site. Here you will find freerolls for special events and series, as well as free events. Tickets for them are part of the loyalty program.

To find Freerolls in the Lobby, switch to Tourney tab. Use the Buy-in filter and tick Freerolls:

Tap to see the screenshot

Pokerstars ES freeroll passwords are rarely needed because you should have a ticket to participate.


Rake is determined by the limit you play. It may range from 0 to 5.5%. A player gets rakeback in the form of various prizes in the Stars Awards program.

Pokerstars ES offers even more options if you take full advantage of all the available bonuses and loyalty program offers.

Do you still have any questions? Contact us on Skype V-POKERE.SUPPORT or Telegram: @AntonioSupport

Bonuses and Rakeback

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