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Weak pool of players in room with exclusive selection of poker clubs from us
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Exclusive selection of poker clubs from PokerBroz
Speedy withdrawal upon request (no need to wait for money)
The weak pool of players
Supports Android and iOS mobile platforms, and PC (Windows)
A selection of the best clubs from PokerBroz, including American, Filipino, and Brazilian
Software for playing at multiple tables
+ Deposit safety guarantee
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  • Exclusive selection of poker clubs from PokerBroz;
  • Speedy withdrawal upon request (no need to wait for money);
  • The weak pool of players;
  • The opportunity to qualify for the WSOP without spending much money (drawing tickets for $10,000);
  • Supports Android and iOS mobile platforms, and PC (Windows);
  • A selection of the best clubs from PokerBroz, including American, Filipino, and Brazilian;
  • Software for playing at multiple tables.


PPPoker is not exactly a traditional poker room. It is a PPPoker app with various exclusive features. Officially, the brand positions itself as competitive poker on chips. However, the poker room also offers a real money game. You can compete for good cash in several closed poker clubs.

PPPoker was launched in 2015. Since that time, the poker room has conquered many markets.

Initially, the PPPoker app positioned itself as an Asian poker room. However, representatives of various countries play here now, including players from Europe and North America.

Official PPPoker website:

The app contains no valuable info on PPPoker features – only PPPoker download links.

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PPPoker can also be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store, which makes it so attractive for many local agents. The latter does its best to connect their pools to the program.

Lein (HK) Network Technology Co. Limited, registered in Hong Kong, owns both the app and the site. It is stated on the About Us page that the company focuses on the development of poker as a competitive sports game. The app developers aim to bring new technological components to poker.

PPPoker can be played in over one hundred countries of the world. The brand cooperates with local partners with a remarkably good reputation.

Everyone can create their PPPoker club and play only with those who are suitable for the game level and other characteristics. Players play for real money in the clubs, using the green club chips for calculations. The platform is attractive by a weak players` pool, including plenty of fish from Asian countries, the USA, and Canada.

The second feature of the PPPoker is that although it is primarily a mobile app, you can use it on PC. To do it, you can download special clients for Window OS. You can download the app for various systems:

  • Android;
  • IOS;
  • Windows.

One account allows playing at one table at a time. However, PokerBroz team offers its partners a quality solution for multi-tabling (simultaneous playing at several tables).


Clients playing PPPoker using PokerBroz used to have access to over twenty clubs as it was mentioned in previous PPPoker review. However, we have formed a limited list of clubs with the most profitable tables (our players mostly pocket good money there).

Presently, PokerBroz offers over two dozen of the best clubs for a money-making game. We will select solutions for you, depending on the current limit and discipline.

Cooperating with us, you will get the necessary PPPoker clubs ID, and you can start playing without any problems.

In each of the clubs, you will find over ten game tables, not even in the most active time. Five-six clubs are enough to find a game at any time. Stable tables are available up to the limit of NL$1K/PLO$1K.

PPPoker platform traffic is evolving steadily. In the first few years, the room was primarily occupied by Asian players. Now the room is filled by users from North America (the USA and Canada), Europe, and other poker locations.


The main advantage of the app is its availability in the official stores of popular mobile platforms. You need not search and download PPPoker app anymore. After your first login, you need to create a username.

See how PPPoker client looks like:

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The app contains the following tabs:

  • PPPoker shop is a store where you can buy diamonds for real currency and get valuable things for points and diamonds. You can buy gold for the game, special VIP cards, and Apple devices (Air Pods, iPad, and iPhone8). The latter option is especially adored by PPPoker Australia.
  • Forum is the section to discuss a game. You cannot create topics, but you can actively comment and win prizes for it.
  • Clubs (clubs icon) – all clubs in which you participate are displayed here. Initially, you can join already existing clubs (Join Club) and create your own (Create club). The tab also allows participating in the Global Tournament.
  • The app supports the English and Russian languages.
  • Career – your game statistics.
  • Profile – is a tab with important info and settings. Here you can contact customer support, change your profile data, change the language, etc.
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The most important tab is the Clubs. When you join one or more communities, you will see the number of available tables near its logo.

To join a club, you need to have its ID. You can also enter an agent ID. Most clubs are closed, but we can help you to join them, give PPPoker ID clubs, and provide the best gaming opportunities.

You can check up current achievements at the top of the app (VIP level, number of points, number of diamonds, and gold fund). On the Clubs tab below, there are three icons:

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  • Current promos from PPPoker Net – are attractive offers allowing earning extra gold and participating in exciting series;
  • Daily missions – are simple tasks with prizes;
  • Letters – your communication in the app.

The game table in the app looks like:

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Multi-tabling is not supported by default. However, PokerBroz team will offer you the best solution for playing multiple tables at a time. To do it, create multiple accounts and use them simultaneously.


PPPoker HUD gives a user general game statistics on the Career tab. You can get more info when you pay using Black Card. Statistics are displayed in three tabs: Daily, Monthly, and Annual.

The statistics of a particular tournament is hidden behind the icon with the histogram icon (at the top right of the table). Use it to check up your position, rate level, etc.

The app itself allows viewing only your opponents’ VPIP:

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Deposit and cashout on PPPoker Room

In previous PPPoker review, many users asked how to withdraw money on PPPoker.

Do not be surprised, but it just does not work traditionally because PPPoker is not a usual poker operator. Therefore, all transactions are carried out through our service, acting as an agent.

According to company policy, the game is played on conditional chips. However, there are real battles for real money in poker clubs.

The app allows every player buying diamonds for cash, which can be exchanged for gold and profitable VIP-cards. To deposit and to withdraw money, contact any PokerBroz representative.

Such payment systems can be used for all financial transactions:

  • E-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, and WebMoney);
  • Popular cryptocurrencies, mainly BTC.

We will help you to conduct financial operations quickly and profitably.


  • The system differs much from the usual poker rooms, which makes it difficult to get used to;
  • It is impossible to conduct financial transactions by yourself.

Do you still have any questions? Contact us on Skype V-POKERE.SUPPORT or Telegram: @KirillSupport


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