1. Very weak players at mid and high PLO limits
  2. Rakeback VIP conditions
  3. No VPN is needed,  multi-room is available


The game at Royal Diamond Poker goes for NIS (1$ = 3.8 ILS). The peak of traffic falls on the early evening. Before dinner, there is no chance to get any. Virtually the whole game is concentrated in PLO.

In Omaha you can find up to dozen tables at limits 2/4-30/60 (PLO100-PLO1,5K). Sometimes in the lobby you can see tables on Hold’em at the same limits.

From Friday night until Sunday, the game at Royal Diamond Poker practically disappears due to  “Shabbat.”


Deposit and cashout

Royal Cash Poker’s deposits and cashouts go through our manager. You can use all popular electronic payment methods. Cashout usually takes no more than a few hours.


  1. Not a lot of traffic
  2. No tracker support
  3. High rake caps