1. Weak field even compared to other Asian poker apps;
  2. A full guarantee of the players’ funds – deposits and winnings;
  3. Rake should be paid only after winning sessions.


No need to register in SuperPoker by yourself. Ready-to-play accounts (including test-ones to check the traffic) are requested from us. For this you need to contact via Skype: live:kirill.vpokere.


In our SuperPoker clubs almost all the games goes at 8-max Hold’em tables. The traffic peak starts from the afternoon European time and lasts until the evening. The following amount of tables is played (the size of the ante is displayed in parentheses , and the third figure is the size of the straddle):

  1. NL300 – 10/20/40 (10) –  4;
  2. NL600 – 20/40/80 (20) – 3;
  3. NL70 – 2/4/8 (1) –  6;
  4. NL150 – 5/10/20 (5) – 5;
  5. NL150 – 5/10 (2)- 2-3;
  6. NL1,5K – 50/100/200 (25) – 1-2.

Rakeback and bonuses

The only bonus now available for SuperPoker players is to participate in the jackpot hunt. The tables with letters “JP” in the lobby are the ones that participate in it.

A certain part of the prize is given to those players who gathered following combinations with their starting hand and performed the showdown:

  1. Royal flush – 12% from the jackpot;
  2. Straight flush – 4%;
  3. 4 Aces – 2%.

SuperPoker Jackpot

Based on the data from the client, jackpot payments are realized at least ten times per day.

Deposit and cashout

Deposits and cashouts in SuperPoker are performed through us. For them you can use either Skrill / Neteller / Webmoney / BTC.

Minimal deposit per account is $1,500.

Cashouts can be done twice a week after the 15th and 30th. It takes around 2-3 days. From the cashout amount commission is taken.

We guarantee the complete safety of all funds on the accounts of our players in SuperPoker.


In SuperPoker 5% rake is paid only by players of who finished the session in plus. Its amount is calculated not from the entire stack of the player, but only from the money that he managed to win at the current table.


  1. only chinese client (we provide instructions);
  2. not common room organization;
  3. need more than 1 account and an emulator for multi-tabling.

Any questions left on SuperPoker, we will be happy to answer via Skype: live:kirill.vpokere