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Rakeback and Bonuses

TigerGaming Poker offers an impressive set of bonuses and rewards for both new and experienced players. Here you can get first deposit bonuses, participate in Leader Boards, and win expensive tournament tickets.

TigerGaming poker no deposit bonus is not accrued now.

100% Poker Welcome Bonus

When you make the first deposit on, you will get a 100% bonus in bonus funds. Deposit your account in the amount of minimum $50. Then send an email to and claim that you wish to get a bonus. In the subject line, specify NEWTG. After this, the promo will be activated, and you can get extra funds for the game.

You can get the bonus in equal parts of $ 10, says tigergaming review. This amount will be credited to your account each time you earn 5000 Comp Points.

Moreover, new players who make initial deposit get four tickets to $2,500 GTD Weekly New Player Freerolls tournaments.

$10,000 First Depositors Freeroll

New players can automatically participate in $ 10,000 lottery draw in the weekly TigerGaming freerolls. To be eligible, make the first deposit on the site, and claim bonuses via live chat or email.

Freerolls are held every Sunday. You should use tickets within four weeks after the first deposit. Every week you will get a chance to participate in a tournament with a different structure (Turbo, Re-Buy, Re-Entry, Pot-Limit Omaha, Time Bank, etc.). It allows testing various game formats and choosing the most suitable one for you.

Bad Beat Jackpot

Bad Beat jackpot is played at special tables with a yellow star. In the process of the game on gaming tiger, if a better hand trumps player’s Four of a Kind Jacks or higher, all gamblers who are playing at Bad Beat Jackpot tables now, have the right to share the jackpot. A gambler with the bad beat gets 17.5% of the pot. The hand winner receives 12.5%, and other players at the table get 10% of jackpot proportionally.

As the jackpot grows, gaming tiger occasionally makes the qualifying hands easier. It undoubtedly increases players` chances to hit the massive jackpot!

Sit ‘N Go Weekly Leader Board Challenge

You can compete in Leader Board of Sit ‘n Go tournaments weekly. The principle is simple. Every time you play in SNG, you score points. Five winners of various SNG formats get cash prizes:

Tap to see the table
SNG Leaderboard1st2nd3rd4th5th
Regular / Turbo$750.00$550.00$400.00$300.00$200.00
Regular / Turbo HU$250.00$150.00$100.00$75.00$50.00
Hyper Turbo HU$500.00$300.00$200.00$150.00$100.00

$15,000 Weekly Cash Race

The Weekly Cash Race with a $15,000 guarantee is another cost-effective chance to pocket good money. This promo allows active players receiving a part of the rakeback. There are 100 prizes. The winner gets $2,500.

The race starts every week on Saturday at 8:01 pm and ends on Sunday at 8:00 pm (European Time).


You can get an SNG Jackpot at the tables Jackpot Sit ‘n Go’s and Flip Sit ‘n Go’s.


Buy-ins starts at $ 3. You will play at 3-Max tables in Hyper-Turbo format. The maximum prize can reach x5000 of all bets. Moreover, after activating a progressive jackpot, there is a chance to get up to 85% of $150,000 sum (15% is the room fee).


At the tables with buy-ins of $ 3, $ 5 or $ 10, users claim a quick win from x1.5 to x1000 of all bets. The probability of winning huge prizes in this format on TigerGaming poker is much higher than on competitors’ sites:

Tap to see the table
Jackpot Probabilities
Buy-ins MultiplierPobability
5000x1 in 100,000
20x100 in 100,000
10x400 in 100,000
5x13,900 in 100,000
3x24,770 in 100,000
1.5x57,130 in 100,000
Other Poker Sites
Buy-ins MultiplierPobability
2500x1 in 100,000
200x5 in 100,000
100x10 in 100,000
20x100 in 100,000
8x500 in 100,000
6x7,500 in 100,000
4x21,336 in 100,000
2x70,518 in 100,000

TigerGaming calculator

Another pleasant thing is TigerGaming Poker Odds Calculator. It is a chance calculator that you can use to analyze your probable winnings.

Loyalty program

This poker room does not offer a traditional loyalty program. However, there is a system for collecting so-called Comp Points, which can be converted into cash.

Important note! Cooperating with Pokerbroz, you can get additional benefits.


Besides bonus free tournaments for beginners, the choice of freerolls is quite small. There are several events with passwords, for example, the Jackpot Freeroll with a prize pool of $125.

Freerolls can be found on the “Tourney” tab.


Tigergaming charges rake only after a flop draws in Hold ’em and Omaha. The fee is taken only from the sum being played. For example, if one player made a $60 bet and the second player went all-in for $20, then the rake will be charged from $40.

Tiger Gaming uses a fixed rake accrual scheme, which is determined by the table limit and the number of seats.

Table with rake indicators:

Tap to see the table
Fixed Limit Games
Stakes / LimitRake / PotMaximum Rake
$0.10 / $0.20$0.10 / $0.20 in the pot$0.20
$0.25 / $0.50$0.10 / $0.20 in the pot$0.40
$0.50 / $1.00$0.10 / $0.20 in the pot$0.50
Stake Levels: $1 / $2 up to and including $15 / $30
2 players$0.10 / $0.20 in the pot$1.00
3 players$0.10 / $0.20 in the pot$2.00
4 players$0.10 / $0.20 in the pot$2.50
5+ players$0.10 / $0.20 in the pot$3.00
No Limit and Pot Limit Games
Stake Levels: $5 / $10 and $10 / $20
2 players$0.01 / $0.18 in the pot$1.00
3 players$0.01 / $0.18 in the pot$2.00
4 players$0.01 / $0.18 in the pot$3.00
5+ players$0.01 / $0.18 in the pot$5.00
Stake Level: $2 / $5
2 players$0.01 / $0.18 in the pot$1.00
3 players$0.01 / $0.18 in the pot$2.00
4 players$0.01 / $0.18 in the pot$3.00
5+ players$0.01 / $0.18 in the pot$4.00
Stake Levels: $0.05 / $0.10 up to and including $1 / $2
2 players$0.01 / $0.18 in the pot$1.00
3 players$0.01 / $0.18 in the pot$2.00
4 players$0.01 / $0.18 in the pot$2.50
5+ players$0.01 / $0.18 in the pot$3.00

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Rakeback and Bonuses

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