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Game with high anonymity with a week players and €200 welcome bonus
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play in this room? pros:
High anonymity (players can change avatars)
A weak pool of players, mostly amateurs from a local casino
€200 Welcome bonus
+ Licensed poker-room
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€200 Unibet poker bonus

The bonus can be activated during signing up. (You can also refuse it; see the “Registration” section mentioned in this Unibet poker review). The poker room offers a generous Unibet Poker bonus for all new players. Everyone can get €200 and tickets to free tournaments. You will get the bonus on your account in parts after you reach five rake levels. Moreover, all users can receive four freeroll tickets (with prize money of € 500), and one pass to participate in the qualifying event in the Unibet Open. Tickets must be used within 35 days.

To get the Unibet poker bonus, you need to deposit your account. €200 will be credited to your balance in parts, after wagering a certain amount of rake (5 levels):

  • The first part to the account: € 1 for €2 rake;
  • The second part: €4 for €10 rake;
  • The third part: €15 for €50 rake;
  • The fourth part: €40 for €150 rake;
  • The fifth part: €140 for €588 rake.

You have 60 days to wager your bonus.

Invite a Friend promo

You can receive additional prizes by inviting friends to the poker room. To do this, send a special link to your friend by e-mail. To get gifts, your friend should click an affiliate link, register, and make the first deposit.

Loyalty program

Unibet Poker loyalty program has the form of quarterly tasks. All users of the room can participate. Regular players have an excellent chance to return up to 57% of rakeback, without having to play too much.

The basis of the Unibet reward system is the continuous execution of various tasks for which you will get bonuses. Tasks are very different. They vary from the simple preparation of poker combinations to more sophisticated requirements. You can also download Unibet poker mobile app and perform all tasks on the go.

In each of the poker disciplines, a player gets tasks in two formats: minimum and maximum. The minimum task is effortless. For example, you need to collect three of a kind. The maximum tasks are much more difficult. For instance, you need to stop the hand and win with a full house.

Tasks are divided into stages. To complete them, you need to fulfill all the conditions, from the first to the last.

Tasks are used only in cash games, not in tournaments. In the MTT format, you will immediately get loyalty points. You will get 100 points for every €1 rake. Unibet poker UK players adore this option very much.

Having scored the first 50 points, you can claim one of the prizes. The main rewards and bonuses:

  • Cash for games;
  • Extra points;
  • Gifts that you need to wager;
  • Unique game avatars;
  • Tickets for tournaments.

You can redeem your points at any time. The loyalty points balance is updated every three months.

Important note! Your points will be canceled if you have not logged into your account within 90 days.

If you manage to reach the limit of 100,000 points, you will get access to freerolls. There you can win tickets for the prestigious local series of Unibet Open tournaments. If you score 2,500,000 points, you will get a unique personal avatar, which nobody else has.

Spring Prize Drop Promo

Spring Prize Drop promo allows winning generous prizes exceeding €100,000.

You can get bonus points, HexaPro tickets, and €100 Supernova playing at cash tables. Special tables with bonuses are marked with a parachute icon.

The list of prizes is updated daily. Thus, you need to monitor updates. Depending on the stakes, you can get these prizes:

  • Gold drops –in games €25 +;
  • Silver drops –in games €10 +;
  • Bronze drops – in €4 + games.

If your table is chosen as a promotional, then all players at the table will get individual prizes.

HexaPro promo – Sit & Go Jackpots

HexaPro is a great chance to win the pot at SNG tables in Texas Hold ’em.

The game is available in seven types of tables. At each table, players compete for a prize that is 1000 times your buy-in. Even players who play with a €1 buy-in can claim the jackpot.

HexaPro is a local Spin-and-go format, which is played by three players in Hyper-Turbo mode. Buy-ins ranges from €1 to €100. The winner prize is determined randomly and can vary from x1.5 to x1000 buy-ins.

Players indicate the deposit and the number of games they want to play. Seven different deposits are: €1; €2; €5; €10; €25; €50; €100.


In any game format, the rake is charged in the form of a percentage of the pot being played. Rake is not taken if the game ended in pre-flop. Additionally, the rake is limited by the maximum amount.

The rake at tournament events at Unibet poker ranges from 3% to 10% of the deposit amount.

Below you can view specific numbers about the Unibet Poker rake:

Tap to see the table
Tehal Holdem

Rake discount

Players of Unibet poker network have an excellent chance to cut the rake by half. You need to play at cash tables in a 2- or 3-max format. The rake will be less than 50% at these tables. You do not need to activate anything. It is an automatic process.

The amount of tournament rake:

Tap to see the table
MTT (Multi Table Tournament) 10%SNG on 2 places (Sit and Go tournament) 3%SNG on 5 places (Sit and Go) 3-5%
Є0.90 + Є0.10Є0.97 + Є0.03Є0.95 + Є0.05
Є3.60 + Є0.40Є3.88 + Є0.12Є3.80 + Є0.20
Є9.00 + Є1.00Є9.70 + Є0.30Є9.50 + Є0.50
Є22.50 + Є2.50Є24.25 + Є0.75Є23.75 + Є1.25
Є45.00 + Є5.00Є48.50 + Є1.50Є48.50 + Є1.50
Є90.00 + Є10.00Є97.00 + Є3.00Є97.00 + Є3.00
Є194.00 + Є6.00

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Bonuses and Rakeback

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