• Lots of weaker players;
  • Excellent bonus system;
  • Instant cashouts;
  • Browser version of the client.


Betsson (MPN) is a Swedish poker room. It is a part of the Microgaming (MPN) network. This room is like a kind of reservation, because it is not that famous and for some time there were restrictions on registration. Betsson has lots of weaker players. Together with Betsafe, Nordicbet and some other poker rooms it forms a separate group of poker room within the network. Initially, Betsson was created as a stock company. Back in 1963, it successfully entered the stock markets. As it developed, it turned its attention to the entertainment industry and after a short time it was already the leader of the offline gambling market in Scandinavia. Initially, online casino and sports betting platforms were created, and then poker appeared.

At first, the room was part of the Ongame network. But over time they moved to the Microgaming (MPN) network, which gave a serious impulse to further development of the room. At Betsson you can find action in Holdem, Omaha, Stud. There are cash-tables and Blaze poker tables (Fast poker), MTT and FishParty Sit & Go with variable prize pool. You can also participate in online satellites to the offline MPNPT series.


You can find action at stakes up to NL10K, but most of the action is focused at NL200 and lower. Outside of the peak hours there are usually up to 5 tables per limit. At NL50 and lower there are always 7-10 tables per limit. At NL400 and higher there are usually 1-2 tables per limit.

6-max tables are the most popular. At 9-max tables the action is considerably lower. The room also has anonymous tables. You can regularly change your nicknames.

Omaha is played up to PLO2k, but the main action is focused at PLO200 and lower. At higher stakes you can usually get action only during the peak hours.

The tournament schedule is mainly consists of tournaments with buy-ins up to 22 €, but on the weekends there are traditional majors with good guarantees. You can qualify to the offline MPNPT series.

Classic Sit & Go are available in 6-max and HU formats with buy-ins up to €1,050. At higher stakes the action is focused in HU, but at lower stakes there is also a decent 6-max action. Jackpot Sit & Go with random prizes are available with buy-ins from €1 to €50.


Since April 2017, the room has decided not to support trackers. All the new versions of Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker don’t work here, but the pre-April versions work limitedly (statistics are displayed only for the hands in which hero took part). The site and the client might get blocked by providers. You might need to use a VPN. You can find a list of available converters and VPN resources here.


A deposit can be made using any of the following methods:

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For cashouts you can use:

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Cashouts are instant.


The rake is 5% with the following caps:

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As you can see, the rake cap depends on the limit and the number of players in the hand. In tournaments the rake is standard 10%.


  1. Doesn’t accept players from Russia;
  2. Trackers aren’t supported.

If you have any questions – feel free to contact us via Skype:V-POKERE.SUPPORT.