• Weaker fields at mid and high-stakes Omaha;
  • Higher rakeback from PokerBroz;
  • Multi-rooming is possible, VPN is not required.


Club Poker was formerly called PokerAA. It was one of the first rooms that appeared in Israel after PokerStars left the country. Club Poker is fully focused on the local poker market and players who want to have an online analogue of a live casino. Therefore, the fields are very soft. Restricted access supports the local environment at a similar level. For example, at PLO250(approximately) players easily get it in on the flop with a top pair and a gutshot:
club poker fish player

Our site provides access to Club Poker for mid and high-stakes PLO players who can use it for multi-rooming with other rooms from the Middle East (Royal Diamond Poker, Gold Poker Pro) or any other rooms with Omaha action and traffic peak in early evening.



Club Poker’s currency is the Israeli new Shekel ($1 is approximately 3.8ILS). In the evening local time the total number of connections is around 50-70.

Almost all the game at Club Poker is at Omaha tables. Usually, during the peak hours there are up to 10 tables. Action can be found at limits from 1/2 to 30/60, which corresponds to PLO6-PLO1600K. Unlike most other Israeli poker rooms, Club Poker has some action since morning.

As for NLHE you can find several tables at the same stakes.

Worth noting, that you can get some HU-action both in PLO and NLHE.

From Friday evening to Sunday there are basically no tables in the lobby due to Shabbat.


Club Poker uses a well-known client from Connective Games. It is fast and robust. Waiting lists are available. From the cash-games lobby you can observe the tables. As for the table appearance, you can customize the Front deck and the Back deck.

Trackers aren’t supported, but you can get the HUD working via converter.


We will handle all transactions. Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney and Bitcoin are available. Cashout at Club Poker takes only a few hours.


At all tables the rake is 3% with a cap of 80 ILS.


  1. Not a lot of action;
  2. HUD doesn’t work directly;
  3. Higher rake caps.