• One of the weakest fields;
  • Good traffic both in Holdem and Omaha;
  • Guaranteed return of all player funds in the account;
  • VPN with Italian IP is not required anymore.


Dollaro Poker is an Italian poker network with great traffic (only has more) and the weakest field. There are lots of rumors about this network, and for the most part this concerns a special scheme according to which Dollaro Poker works.
Slot machines are prohibited in Italy, but there are many gaming clubs in the country where you can play on the Internet. The agents in them give anyone the opportunity to pay money, get an account and play poker in any of the Dollaro Poker skins. The agent is mainly concerned that the players do not win more than the rake paid by them. But given the entertaining approach to the game and the low level of skill of the Italians – it is usually not a huge problem for agents.
Since the game at Dollaro Poker goes through the agent and the skin, working according to the rules of the network – there is a lot of talk about the dishonest nature of the game at Dollaro Poker. In fact all problems appear when working with unverified agents who don’t want to fulfill their duties. Of course, we can’t say the Dollaro Poker is an ideal poker network in this regard – in this network (as in 888 and Party Poker) accounts get banned more often than in other places. But our site has been working for more than 5 years with agents who have not had a single banned account.


It’s quite usual that in the Italian poker network the peak hours fall on weekday evenings and weekends in Italy. There is a lot of action at Dollaro Poker – during the peak hours there are about 10,000 players. At any table you can find fish players who come from gaming clubs and bookmakers.
Short-handed NLHE tables (4-max and 6-max) are the most popular at Dollaro Poker. At low and mid-stakes there are usually a few dozen tables. At higher stakes from NL200 up to NL600 you can find up to 15 tables.
In Omaha you can find action at stakes up to PLO200.


Dollaro Poker doesn’t have a downloadable poker client – the game is played in the browser. The minimum number of settings is available. The use of the Adobe Flash made the game accessible to any devices that have access to the Internet and support this technology. At the same time, at Dollaro Poker you can multi-table. There is no technical restriction on the number of opened tables.
Trackers aren’t supported.


We will process all transactions through Skrill / Neteller.


At stakes up to NL400 – the rake is 5% with a cap of €5.5.

At stakes up to NL600 – 5.5% with a cap of €5.5.

At HU-tables – up to 3.5% with caps up to €3.5.


  1. Browser-only software;
  2. Higher rake.

If you have any questions – feel free to contact us via Skype:V-POKERE.SUPPORT.