PokerOK Review

At the end of 2018 Lotos Poker made an official statement that the poker room closes after more than 7 years of work. In recent months the poker room has experienced many problems: delays with cashouts, technical issues, traffic drop and lack of any good information from the support.

In a critical situation the management of the GG Network (Lotos Poker was a member of this network) decided to create a brand-new poker room focused on Russia and the CIS countries. The most important thing is that the new room will take responsibility for the bankrolls of Lotos Poker players. Thus, players won’t lose their money as it happened a lot during the closing of small poker rooms in the past.

A brand-new poker room called PokerOK was opened in mid-January. Lotos Poker players were able to get their bankrolls and the new poker-room began its work, aimed at attracting new clients and increasing traffic.


1)   Chinese fish;

2)   Good MTT schedule;

3)   Great rakeback;

4)   Regular action both in NLHE and PLO;


In terms of cash traffic the GG Network is in the top 10 networks.

There are lots of players from Europe and Asia. The peak hours happen in the evening in Moscow (approximately, from 5PM to 10PM). The total number of connections is approaching 8000. Outside of the peak hours (for example, at 4AM in Moscow) the number of connections is usually from 3000 to 4000.

At lower limits (NL10, NL25, NL50) during the peak hours there are about 20 tables at each limit.

At medium limits (NL100, NL200, NL400) there are usually about 10 tables (at NL400 there are less tables than at NL100).

At the highest limits (NL1000 – NL20000), if you’re lucky – you can find a couple of tables at each limit.

PokerOK has a great PLO traffic. Available limits are similar to NLHE.

The largest number of tables can be found at PLO10 – about 20 tables.

At PLO25-PLO100, there are usually not more than 10 tables.

At PLO200-PLO400 there are around 5 tables at each limit.

At PLO400+ the game is not regular.

The room has push-fold tables called All-in or Fold. The game runs in a 4-max format with a buy-in of 8bb.

In NLHE there are 4 available limits – from NL25 to NL1000. There are about 5-10 tables at each limit.

In PLO there are also 4 available limits – from PLO50 to PLO1000. The largest amount of tables can be found at PLO200 – about 200. At other stakes there are usually not more than 2 tables.

Chinese Rush is the local version of the well-known Fast Poker. The key feature – the game runs in the Chinese yuan. If converted to dollars, the available limits are – NL3, NL30, NL150. During the peak hours there are about 50 connections at each limit.

PokerOK has a pretty decent MTT schedule. There are tournaments with buy-ins from a couple to several hundred dollars. There are tournaments with different speed, bounty builders and even tournaments in the Chinese yuan.

SNG and Spins aren’t presented.


The use of any 3rd-party software is prohibited and may lead to a ban.

At the top of the client there is a navigation menu with 7 tabs:

– Home – opens current bonuses and promotions;

– Holdem (RUB), Holdem (USD), Omaha (USD), All-in or Fold, Chinese Rush, Tournaments – open the list of available games for different formats.

By clicking on any cash table – a graphical view of the table will appear (Table View) to the right of the list of tables. You will be able to see the number of players, their countries and stack sizes.

The Tournaments tab has convenient filters- POKEROK Exclusive, Blade, Daily Guarantees, Bounty Hunters, T$ Builder, Omaholic, Phoenix Rebuy, MBP.

As we already mentioned, the use on any 3rd-party software is prohibited, but you can still collect information about your villains. In addition to the classical notes, the PokerOK client has an integrated Smart HUD.

There is a special icon near the player’s nickname. If the player is winning – there will be flames around the icon, and if the player is losing – there will be ice around the icon.

By clicking on this icon you will be able to see some statistics about your opponent – the number of hands played and won at the current table and the three biggest pots played versus Hero.

You can check the results of your game in the Poker Craft tab.

The PokerOK client is also available for Android and iOS devices.


The usual payment methods are available – VISA, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney. The cashier is direct.

Cashouts usually take 2-3 days.


In Holdem the rake is 5% with caps depending on the limits and the number of players at the table

Limit Rake cap for 2 players, $ Rake cap for 3+ players, $
NL10 1 3
NL25 1 5
NL50 1 5
NL100 3 5
NL200 5 8
NL400 7 10
NL1000 10 20

In Omaha the rake is 3% with no caps.


1) Any 3rd-party software is prohibited.