1)   lots of clubs with weaker opponents at different stakes

2)   not only Asian, but also American and European clubs

3)   separate version of application for PC with multi-tabling without any additional software

4)   fixed rakeback

5)   players are guaranteed the safety of all funds

6)   lower rake


PPPoker is one of the most famous mobile poker apps. We can hardly call it Asian, because at the moment it has clubs with players from different parts of the world, including the USA and Europe.

The reason is that PPPoker client supports a large number of languages and you can download it from the well-known mobile stores like Google Play and the App Store.

Thanks to this, new players and amateurs are constantly coming to PPPoker clubs and the total number of clubs is also growing.

You can play only one table from one PPPoker account.


At PPPoker our players get access to more than 20 various clubs. You can find the action almost all day long. Even outside the peak hours there are at least 10 tables in each club. We have divided our PPPoker clubs according to countries:

PPPoker clubs from the USA:

PPPoker club USA

In American clubs 1 chip is equal to $1. All clubs have heads-up tables. The «Game Ratio» stat shows the approximate percentage of tables for different types of poker games.

PPPoker clubs from India:

PPPoker club India

PPPoker clubs from Thailand:

PPPoker club Thailand

PPPoker clubs from the Philippines (no Heads-up tables):

PPPoker club Philippines

PPPoker clubs from Singapore, Australia, Europe:

PPPoker club Singapore Australia Europe

SOFTWARE and trackers support

PPPoker software is very similar to other mobile poker apps. It supports both English and Russian. After logging in, you will see a list of clubs you have entered (the amount of active tables is shown next to the name of the club). By clicking on the club logo you will see images of the available tables with all their characteristics: type of poker, limit, number of players.

All tables are created for a limited amount of time.

Worth mentioning that PPPoker has a client for a PC. It can be run multiple times on a PC without any third-party software.

PPPoker supports the work of three different trackers: HM2 and PT4 work via PPPoker HUD, Hand2Note works via PokerMaster HUD (it also supports PokerMaster and PokerKing China). Without any additional software you can track only VPIP of your opponents.

deposit and cashout

Deposits and cashouts are performed through us. For them you can use either Skrill / Neteller / Webmoney / BTC.


1) At first glance, the system of game organization feels kind of unusual.

2) In order to multi-table you have to use multiple accounts from one PC.