1. Players are guaranteed the safety of all funds
  2. Weak field and very few regulars
  3. Low rake amount (payed only after winning sessions)


Accounts in Zhiwan (PokerSpades) are provided to players by our manager. To get one, you need to contact us via Skype: live:kirill.vpokere (there are test accounts available so you could check the traffic).


Almost all the game in Zhiwan (PokerSpades) is concentrated at the Hold’em tables. Below you can see the amount of tables at 8 and 9-max with antes on different limits:

  1. NL30 – 1/2 (1) – 7
  2. NL60 – 2/4 (2) – 15+
  3. NL150 – 5/10 (5) – 15+
  4. NL300 – 10/20 (10) – 5
  5. NL600 – 20/40 (20) – 2

There are about dozen HU tables played on the limits from 5/10 to 50/100. PLO at the limits of 1/2-2/4 (PLO30-60) attracts players the most. There always are around 10 tables played, and actually PLO60 is more popular.

Rakeback and Bonuses

Almost all Zhiwan (PokerSpades) tables have the “JP” badge. Meaning they are participating in the accumulative jackpot hunt.  Players receive % from it for the collected and showdown combinations:

  1. Royal flush -50%;
  2. Straight flush – 25%;
  3. 4 of a kind – 5%.


The size of the current jackpot at a certain limit is indicated at the top of each table.

Deposit and cashout

In Zhiwan (PokerSpades) to make a deposit you need to contact us via Skype: live:kirill.vpokere. The cashout is made by prior request. For transactions, you can use all the popular electronic payment methods and BTC.


Rake is traditional for Chinese poker apps – 5% is taken after table closure only from the stacks that ended the session in plus.


  1. No tracker support;
  2. Few accounts are needed for multi-tabling.

Have any questions left about Zhiwan (PokerSpades) contact us via Skype: live:kirill.vpokere.