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SharkScope Review: Key Features and TipsEvaluate the soft and traffic in your working time

SharkScope Review: Key Features and Tips

SharkScope Key Features and Tips

SharkScope is the largest online database that provides player statistics for all single-table and multi-table online poker tournaments.

Poker fans already know the benefits of this service and take advantage of it.

SharkScope is officially authorized in all the largest poker rooms. Below you will find a detailed description of all SharkScope parameters to use this program in the best way.

What is SharkScope?

Currently, more than 25% of online poker players use SharkScope daily to find out the strengths and weaknesses of their potential rivals at the tables during poker tournaments.

The program watchfully collects poker statistics using special automatic tools that carefully analyze the major poker tournaments available on the network.

After processing the info, the statistics are available on the SharkScope site for players on a paid and free basis.

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SharkScope Pricing

The search function allows you getting the complete statistics of a particular player. It may be such data as the game date, the room, the sum of winnings/losses, the tournaments titles, achievements, abilities, etc. To use the search, you need to enter the player profile nickname.

You can use the SharkScope search both for free and using one of the paid subscription plans. The free version allows using the search function five times per day.

However, if you want Sharkscope to deliver real results, we recommend that you should pay attention to various subscription plans:

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  • Bronze plan: $6 to $10 per month. 15 searches per day. Advanced search filters (by date, tournament format, and type of game). The ability to reset statistics. Other valuable features (viewing recent games, displaying blocked statistics, advanced charts and opponents` game data).
  • Silver plan: $12 to $16 per month. 150 searches per day. SharkScope HUD (displays all tournament statistics of any player at your table in real-time). SharkScope Sync (the ability to download all tournament info, upload missed results to the SharkScope site).
  • Gold plan: $26 to $32 per month. 1000 searches per day. SharkScope Hand Tracker (full analysis of hand history, data combined into a single HUD overlay, supports Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi, and support for Ring games. Analysis of game mistakes. A guide to major Sit and Go tournaments and many other bonuses.
  • Exclusive SharkScope Hand Tracker subscription plan. A single payment – $99. Combines the options of all of the above-mentioned subscription plans. View featured hand history tracking (PFR, VPiP, Agg, and other stats). SharkScope Hand Tracker supports Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi, and Ring Games. HUD overlay. Leak detection tools help to analyze your playing style and the most common mistakes. Detailed bankroll charts of Ring Games and tournaments via twenty parameters, etc.

You can buy a paid subscription plan for a certain period: a month, three months, and twelve months. By choosing one of the plans, you can significantly save if you order a subscription plan for a long period.

For example, the Bronze plan cost is $10 per month, and the annual subscription cost is just $6 per month.

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If you buy an annual subscription, you will save 40% on SharkScope, which is beneficial for players who are serious about earning good cash on poker. You can also enter the SharkScope promo code to get an additional discount.

You can pay for SharkScope services using such payment methods as Visa/MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and various cryptocurrencies.

Note! SharkScope offers two types of search for a poker username on this service. Basic Search is free and available to all players.

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The Advanced search with a large number of filters is available for players who have already bought a paid subscription plan. You can filter the search by type of game network, tournament, rake, date, number of participants, as well as compare player success in certain tournaments.

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Which programs are best used with SharkScope?

To get the maximum result from SharkScope, it is better to use this program together with the leading poker apps such as StarsHelper or StarsCaption.

It will greatly facilitate the entry of a nickname in the search bar. Additionally, it will allow using other advantages of these apps.

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Sharkscope Key Features

For the most effective use of SharkScope, you need to analyze the main parameters of the program correctly.

We recommend that you should pay particular attention to the following options.

Average Games

This parameter of SharkScope poker shows the average number of games of a player per day. It is a very important parameter that allows assessing the player skill level. For example, if your opponent plays up to five tournaments per day, it is most likely that he/she is an amateur. A marker of average games from 20 per day indicates that you are going to deal with a strong and professional player. Please note that many participants of multi-table tournaments often play in several rooms at the same time.

Lifehack: when you are searching for a player by the nickname, enter it in the search bar and tick the “All networks” box. If a player uses a single nickname in all rooms, you will see the statistics of all tournaments that your opponent plays per day.

The tip is that the initial indicator of average games can be 20 for a certain poker room. However, choosing “All Networks”, you can see that the player has participated in 40 tournaments in other rooms on this day. Accordingly, the average game indicator will not be 20, but 60, which proves the high activity and professionalism of your opponent.

Therefore, you should always be watchful about the “Average Games” feature.

Average Buy-In

This SharkScope parameter allows seeing how seriously money affects your opponent when taking into account his/her average bets on the final tables. For example, if the Average Stake is 15, and you have already traced it in a small tournament for $4, then it is most likely that your opponent will not be very responsible for playing at such a cheap table.

In this case, the mistake of regular players is that they are not serious about such tables. If the average stake is more than 100, then the opponent’s attitude to the game will be as serious as possible, so he can be forced to concede with the help of increased stakes.

Early Finishes

This parameter shows whether the regular hit 10% of the players who left the tournament.

The standard is any indicator of less than 10%.

If your opponent has early finishes of 15-20%, it indicates that you are dealing with a fish. If we compare this parameter with the number of games per day and the average rake, then these data will help you to find out the player skill level.

Total Profit

This is the player’s net earnings. Total profit is calculated by the formula: total cash prize amount minus buy-ins.

This SharkScope parameter shows the total player’s profit for the entire history of participation in poker tournaments.

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This option helps to understand your opponent`s preferred poker style.

For example, it is well-known that Latin American regulars profess an aggressive and attacking poker game style, while Irish or Scottish poker players do not usually show a strong game.

Therefore, the player’s country is also an important parameter for making a general portrait of your opponent.


You must pay special attention to the “Ability” parameter. The SharkScope ability rating is formed based on the total number of cash prizes received by a player. How to understand the “Ability” parameter properly?

If the “Ability” value is 45-55, then your opponent is most probably a 100% fish. If the “Ability” value is 60-68, then you are going to deal with a regular poker player who often wins. The “Ability” value of more than 70 means that it is a regular who constantly wins good cash prizes.

The higher the “Ability” value, the more experienced your possible rival is. The “Ability” value of 90+ is always marked with the “Shark” icon.

Profit History

The “Profit History” parameter shows the player’s income chart. You can trace the winnings from the very beginning of participation in tournaments and the profit date. When analyzing the portrait of your potential rival, it is necessary, first of all, to see his current profit statistics for the current year.

For example, your opponent could win fabulous amounts in 2016-2017, and in 2018-2019 he/she rigidly went into minus, which, should be of the greatest interest to us. Filtering the player’s “Profit History” for the last 365 days will show his/her progress/failure for the selected period.

It is best to analyze the player`s profit history over the past six months. It will show the real skill level of the chosen player at the moment. The formula for the filter can be easily entered in the “HUD” tab in the StarsCaption app.

Total ROI/Average ROI

The Total ROI or Return of Investment shows the profitability of the game as a whole. However, there may be significant errors in this indicator, in the case when a player won a high prize in a tournament with a very high average stake. Therefore, the player can earn too much cash concerning the invested money and the total ROI will immediately skyrocket to 130-140%.

Although it is just an isolated case. You need to pay attention to the Average ROI. It shows the average amount of expected player earnings from each tournament. Hence, while analyzing your opponent`s game statistics, always pay attention to both parameters.

Average Profit/Total Rake

These are general statistical indicators for calculating the profitability of a poker room. Typically, a poker room takes a rake from every hand at the table.

These indicators do not affect the professionalism of your opponent.


ITM or In the Money is an indicator that shows how many times a player wins at least something. As a rule, 10-15% of all MTTs participants win cash prizes. The average ITM% of most players is 18-24%.

More than 30% of ITM is considered to be high. This parameter directly affects the opponent’s ROI.

Date of last/first session

This parameter shows the date when a player started to participate in poker tournaments.

This indicator cannot directly affect the skill level of your opponent.

Average Entrants

This is an important SharkScope indicator allowing evaluating the player skills with ROI. For example, you see that the Average Entrants number in a player’s statistics is 4,200.

However, a player`s total ROI is 75, and the profit history chart shows only one rise, and then there are only falls.

It suggests that the player continues to lose all previous earnings.


Statistics allows tracking the key parameters of the game history of a particular player. Even though SharkScope provides detailed statistics on your potential rivals, this data may not be available sometimes.

For example, when entering a player’s nickname in the search bar, you can see the following message: “The player was not found or opted out.” It means that the player has completely blocked his username from public view and hidden the statistics.

This function can be easily activated in the “Options” menu.

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Important! When you opted out, you hide the statistics for everyone, including yourself.

There are players with partially open statistics. For example, many players hide their profit history, ROI, ITM%, etc.

However, the remaining open parameters (early finishes, ability) allow making a precise portrait of your opponent – a fish or a shark.

What tables is the opponent playing at?

An important SharkScope feature for determining your opponent`s skill is finding out the number of tables the player is currently playing at. It can be done using the “Find” tab. This option is available in search of a nickname for players with open public statistics. It will allow determining the current level of the player’s game load, which affects his attention in certain games.

Favorite Games

This parameter allows estimating the actual number of tournaments in which the player participates daily.

For example, you doubt that your opponent participates in 40 MTTs every day. Having analyzed the “Favorite games” tab, you understand that this player regularly participates in $5 SNG tournaments, in which he has already earned $2,500. However, he plays much fewer MTTs and lost too much.

Sharkscope HUD

Sharkscope HUD is a convenient app that perfectly works both on a laptop and on a smartphone. Sharkscope HUD is entirely compatible with other apps and does not overload the system.

The program will help you to navigate the game quickly, especially with those opponents who constantly bluff and raise bets without a strong hand.

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SharkScope HUD allows understanding the manner opponents play against you, providing statistics of their actions in real time. The “Shark” icon indicates a very strong player. If he/she unexpectedly raises bets, for example, you can quickly get rid of most of your hands. It will help to save chips even with a weak hand.

SharkScope HUD provides players with all the necessary data in the following ways:

  • Shows all the statistics you are interested in;
  • You can independently set your preferences on how icons will be displayed to you.

The main advantage of SharkScope HUD is that your opponents’ statistics are automatically displayed right at the tables – in the game online menu. Therefore, it is not necessary to additionally monitor the actions of each player in a separate window.

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SharkScope provides statistics on all poker tournaments and your potential rivals. The best effect of SharkScope can be obtained while using the program with StarsHelper or StarsCaption apps.

You can use the SharkScope free version but a paid subscription plan gives searches and additional options.

If you are serious about winning in poker, using SharkScope will significantly increase the chances of a big win and reduce the number of possible losses.