CEO Kardash Vitalii

Hi all!

That’s me and my project PokerBroz. You can see all my profiles below, I have been poker player, moderator on Pokerstrategy, poker trainer – so I am the one who LOVES this game.

I made all this so you could feel really comfy and turn this game in your hobby-job. I know how much problems there are on poker players road, I felt it under my skin, and base on this experience this project has been created. So I truly hope it will make your champion way  smooth enough.

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Support-manager for Chinese poker rooms

Kirill is a PRO support.

We hunted him down from Pokerstrategy, where he helped to the players over 40.000 times. PROOF

It’s hard to imagine how many keyboards he erased in the dust, typing all these messages.
And this is in the same time with the open poker tables. =/

Kirill is responsible for Chinese poker rooms and can be contacted
via Skype: live:kirill.vpokere?chat
Telegram – KirillSupport

Support-manager for everything

Anton is the operating director of the company, but we do not like pathos labels, so better:
Anton is the soul of the PokerBroz project.

He is 24/7 online in charge of those who is playing from us.
Anton scribbles the answers to the players in the car, in the gym, in the bathroom, in the journey, in joy and sorrow, in the upstream and downstream, in general, always. Apparently, he knows life-hack, where to take the 25th hour in a day. He is our Yoda for players. 🙂

Regarding any poker question just write to him

in Skype:  v-pokere_support

or in Telegram @faust137