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THE STORY OF A DREAM: GUITARIST SASHA AND THE GAME OF POKEREvaluate the soft and traffic in your working time


Gentlemens, meet Alex. 

He has played 150 000 hands in Microgaming network and raised 100$ to 5000$ in a month, strictly observing bankroll management.

If you’ve never heard of MPN network – it’s absolutely ok. It is just a small network, living its last days, and is known for hard regular fields. 
And yes, the article is not a presentation on “Play with us and may the Force be with you”. This is a real story which has started for me in February. 

Alex asked me to borrow 800 dollars for his dream. He is a guitarist and wants to connect his life with music. Just to make you understand, how much Sasha loves music, look, that is all his work:

It is almost impossible to make money on music in Ukraine. You should make money on poker, but then you have no time for music. Combining is difficult. You should choose: money or dreams. But Sasha found a way out – cruise ship musician. The only things he needs to be done: 

  • some paperwork;
  • some bureaucratic procedures in UA;
  • to make a costume;
  • to make a promo;
  • to wait an answer from American side.

That’s the 800$ question.

He got the money. But it happened a big BUT. Covid-19 epidemic, quarantine and travel industry declining. Consequently, the dream was cancelled and he should stay at home. 

I had also quarantine routine and forgot about a loan. But two months later, in the end of the April, I’ve got a message with his results in poker. 

It must be said, that Sasha is an average player, who earns money on poker just enough to live next month. When he understood that the dream should wait, he didn’t give up, he wasn’t lying on a couch drinking beer, he didn’t give into quarantine melancholy. He has changed the strategy. Alex left some money for living and made a 300$ deposite into a poker account. 200$ was lost immediately. 

But he has been observing bankroll management for all the time. At first were micro limits, then he gained NL100.

This is a story about the goal, discipline, proactive thinking and everyday do’s. Small steps to achieve big goals. You can profit even from quarantine. 

Nowadays, Alex has NO debt anymore, has some money and great attitude and is ready for a dream job. 

All the PokerBroZ team is proud of you, bro! We wish you success in your business! 

P.S. By the way, this is the Alex’s group in facebook. 

Sign up here:

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