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UPoker App: Main Advantages and OptionsEvaluate the soft and traffic in your working time

UPoker App: Main Advantages and Options


UPoker Review

UPoker is one of the modern mobile poker apps. Asian developers have taken into account all previous PPPoker drawbacks. Therefore, they have developed suitable software, modern design, and most importantly – a friendly interface.

UPoker offers four varieties of poker at different limits. These are NLH, PLO, OFC, and Short Deck. Therefore, the app has already become popular among players around the world.

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Pros of UPoker

  • A huge number of tables at various limits in a dozen clubs;
  • Compatible with iOS/Android mobile platforms and Windows PC;
  • Up to 50% rakeback;
  • Profit withdrawal from a minute to 24 hours;
  • Weak field of players;
  • Gamblers from all countries are accepted.

About UPoker

UPoker is a poker app with a variety of features. First, UPoker was positioned as an Asian app. However, presently there are plenty of Russian, Brazilian, Israeli, and American poker clubs.

UPoker was launched in 2019. In 2020, the number of clubs in the app has grown to 30. The number of players has already exceeded tens of thousands. About 1000 tables for Omaha, Hold’em, or Chinese Pineapple are available daily.

Poker chips are used to play at UPoker. Therefore, players from countries prohibited for gambling can play here. For example, from the USA, China, and Israel. The app supports seven languages, including Russian. Each club has its own game currency, which is set by the club owner. The minimum deposit is $50 to the club.

Traffic Review

Dozens of clubs operate on the UPoker platform. However, the PokerBroz team has selected only the best, deep-pockets, and, which is the most importantly, reliable clubs. All of them offer profitable options to play in the net positive. PokerBroz will help to choose a club depending on the game type, limit, convenient time for the game and other parameters:

  • Russia – Two Aces, Alpha Rus;
  • International – Empire;
  • Asia – White Rabbit, Alpha Asia;
  • Brazil – UnderDog;
  • Israel – three unique unions.

Here you can play with Asian, American and even Russian recreational players. It means that the game peak is different in each club. It depends on the club geography. Generally, from 2,500 to 4,000 people gather at tables every day. Games are mainly played at medium limits from NL40 to NL400.

Upoker Games

Four poker types are available in UPoker. Each of them has 9 games at different limits:

  • No Limit Holdem. Such limits are available as NLH100, NLH300, NLH400, NLH500, NL1K, NL2.5K, NL5K, NL10K, and NL25K.
  • Short Deck. Limits – SDK100, SDK150, SDK300, SDK800, SDK1K, SDK3K, SDK5K, SDK10K, and SDK30K.
  • Pot Limit Omaha. At 5-max and 6-max tables, PLO100, PLO1K, and PLO10K limits are available. There are several varieties of Omaha. These are four cards, five cards, and even six cards. There is also Omaha Hi-Lo.
  • Open Face Chinese Poker. Pineapple poker is played at such limits as OFC300, OFC3K, OFC15K, and OFC30K.

UPoker offers to participate in Spin and Go and MTT with up to $40,000 guarantee.

Soft, statistics, and HUD

UPoker was launched by a well-known Malaysian firm – Calian Tech Marketing. As you can see, it turned out quite well.

You can download UPoker from the official stores of mobile app – AppStore and Google Play.

Despite the fact that UPoker is positioned as a mobile app, there is also a desktop client for Windows OS.

This is how the UPoker client looks like:

Like a smartphone, the UPoker desktop lobby has a vertical orientation. You can play at four tables simultaneously.

The app contains the following tabs:

In the Settings tab, you can quickly customize the client for yourself: turn on/off sound for notifications, change the language and password, bind mail, manage themes, write to customer care, read the community rules, etc.

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At the bottom, there are Notice, Message, Lobby, Career, and Shop tabs.

In the Notice tab, you will get info about all new features and UPoker news.

Club mailing and thematic notifications can be found in the Message tab.

In the Career tab, you can look through all the statistics about your game.

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In the Shop tab, you can stock up on useful updates. After registration, a player receives 10,000 chips. Purchases are located in three additional tabs: Item, Diamond, and Gold.

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Here you can buy the VIP-level – an improved player status:

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To join a poker club, click the search icon. Then enter the club ID and/or referrer (your agent) ID. PokerBroz will help you to get the IDs of the clubs with the best gaming options.

A game list is located in the center of the lobby. For example, in the No Limit Holdem tab, there are 9 options for games at different limits:

Select a game and click it. A new table will be shown:

When two opponents join a table, you can start the game. In the table menu, you can view the current game result(win/loss) and change the settings.

At the bottom of the app, there is an important Spin and Go and Tournaments tab. Tourneys can be filtered by three parameters: All, Spin and Go, and MTT.

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Select a tournament and click it. You will have the following options:

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In the Details tab, you will find the info with the tournament title, buy-in size, number of players at the table, prize pool, entry range, rebuy, blinds structure, etc. There is also a countdown timer to the tournament start.

The Entries tab shows the number of players.

In the Rewards tab, there is a full info about your possible profit in a given tournament.

If you are pleased with a selected tournament, click the Register and confirm your participation.

In the Daily Bonus tab, you can get a certain number of diamonds for free. The bonus is available every 10 hours.

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UPoker allows using Poker Tracker, Holdem Manager, and Hand2Note.


In the Career tab, you will find general game statistics. The info is located in additional tabs: Day, Month, Year, Game Type, and Tournaments.

Deposit and withdrawal on UPoker

“Play money” is used in UPoker. These are game chips. They are used instead of fiat currency. Money can be withdrawn to Neteller, Skrill, USDT, or Bitcoin.

All transactions are anonymous and secure. Cashout – from a minute to 24 hours.

Cons of UPoker:

  • Unusual software (everything is tailored for gadgets);
  • There is no general cash desk. A player needs to deposit to each of the desired clubs;
  • No first deposit bonus.

Rakeback + rake

The standard rake at UPoker clubs is 5%. The room offers a fairly high rakeback – 30%-50% depending on the club.


Download UPoker in one of the following ways:

  • For Windows desktop;
  • For Android 4.4 version or higher;
  • For iOS 10.0 or higher.
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Install the app and select one of seven available languages. To create an account in the poker client, you need:

  • Enter your username and create a password;
  • Agree to the Privacy and Terms;
  • Indicate the date of birth;
  • Point out a nickname;
  • Change the title frame of the UPoker client;
  • Optionally – bind email to your account (to improve security).

After you have registered, the client’s lobby opens. Now you can play. You can also sign up via Facebook.


UPoker is a young and promising Asian platform. Here you can play the most popular poker games and participate in tournaments at any limits. Plenty of fish is great news for sharks. In short, just download the app, register and play. You will never regret!

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