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Why You Should Start Playing at PPPoker ClubsEvaluate the soft and traffic in your working time

Why You Should Start Playing at PPPoker Clubs

In 2019, mobile poker apps for playing against Chinese fish players won’t surprise anyone. But even amongst the many apps that are similar in their essence and structure, one player has distinctive features and develops faster than others. We’re talking about PPPoker.

Unlike most mobile poker apps, PPPoker has clubs with players not only from China, but also from other Asian countries (the Philippines, Thailand, India), as well as with poker amateurs from the USA.

In order to comply with the legal restrictions of various countries (for example, China), at PPPoker the game is played for chips that can be exchanged for real money. The cashier is available via agent. To be honest, this should not surprise anyone who has played at least once in mobile poker app.

A detailed review of PPPoker can be found here. In this article we will focus only on the most important features of PPPoker.

Clubs and Safety of the Game

PPPoker unions are associations of small clubs with their own rules. If the club owners cheat their players or do something dishonest, they will get excluded from the union and the players will simply go to other clubs. Basically, each club is interested in following the rules of the union, because otherwise it will lose profit. Clubs are usually created by poker and sports enthusiasts. At PPPoker lots of clubs are actually online tables of offline clubs,  which increases the level of trust in them from amateurs, because only the lazy ones have not heard about modern problems of classic poker rooms as bots, illegal software and crowds of regulars with all kinds of professional software. Thanks to offline promotion, even unions with clubs from the CIS countries have lots of fish players.

V-POKERE provides access to more than 20 proven and reliable clubs with players from Asia, India, the USA and the CIS. Even outside of the peak hours each club has about 10 active tables. Given the difference in time zones, you can basically find action at any time of the day. NLHE, PLO and OFC poker are played in every club. More info about clubs can be found in our review of PPPoker –


PPPoker client is available both for mobile (iOS and Android) devices and for a PC. It supports Russian and English languages.

In the client you can only see the VPIP of the villains, but popular trackers work through third-party software.

Compared to other mobile apps, PPPoker has a user-friendly interface both for the amateurs and professional grinders.

Rake and Rakeback

This is another distinctive feature of PPPoker.

Depending on the specific club, the rake ranges from 2% to 5% with caps from 0.5 to 3bb.

Unlike most poker apps, PPPoker provides an opportunity to receive a fixed rakeback. To get all the details – contact us via Skype V-POKERE.SUPPORT or Telegram: @KirillSupport

Nowadays, weaker fields are a key factor in choosing a place to play poker professionally. And this is the most powerful argument for playing at PPPoker. Minor cons, such as the cashier via agent and multi-tabling via multiple accounts, don’t look scary at all.